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7 Thoughtful Gifts for Widows on Their Anniversary

Meaningful gifts for widows on the anniversary of their wedding

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The anniversary of a loved ones death can be a difficult time for the widow left behind. Yet, for many it is still a significant day that needs commemorating. Below are seven gifts that will celebrate the occasion while lifting the spirit of the widow.

#1 Forever in My Heart Carved Locket Cremation Urn Necklace

Forever in My Heart Carved Locket Cremation Urn Necklace
Carry a part of your husband with you in this beautiful silver chain and locket. You can even email the company upon purchase to have your husband’s name printed on the locket.

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#2 Because Love’s Big Hug Blanket

Because Love’s Big Hug Blanket
The Big Hug Blanket is a great gift for anyone who needs love – for grandma, someone far away, or a loved one going through a difficult time.

Made with luxurious grey knit and glittering metallic thread, the Big Hug blanket allows you to wrap the ones you care for in love. With 31 knit holes for you to attach handwritten messages of love on the velvet-back tags, which you can personalize with fabric paint or Sharpie, it is the perfect size to fold up and fit in a purse, bag, or to carry on a long journey.

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#3 Becoming Madam Widow by Katherine Webster

Becoming Madam Widow by Katherine Webster
After the sudden and devastating death of her husband and business partner, an intransigent woman enters a period of her life immersed in fear, self-doubt and near financial ruin. Existing in a web of loneliness and isolation in the small town where she lived with her husband, she struggles to find answers and the way out of her chaos wondering every day if she should even actually go on.

This is the true story of a woman whose independence, faith and strength are rocked to the core of her being and all at a time in her life when she thought she had it all figured out. The battles, challenges and decisive action she takes will either help her sink or swim, do or die, survive or thrive. The hard lessons she learns and the distress that confronts her are the collective elements that guide her in her quest for life after his death.

It becomes a voyage complete with fear and loneliness, but also one of joy, enlightenment and finally true independence. This is a book for all women about the mental, spiritual and emotional journey of a lifetime.

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#4 GRAN Tour of the UK by Sue Johnston

GRAN Tour of the UK by Sue Johnston
A very scary thought–undertaking a 2500-mile tour of the UK. All alone, by car and foot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A mature widow previously teaching computing and word processing, I determine to keep up to date, challenging myself; internet, email, Facebook, Instagram had never been heard of.

I have published articles over the years, children’s comics, jokes for comedians and written lectures for adult education, and was a manager for Avon Cosmetics. My four-year-old car sitting neglected in my drive; my tour involved two months of organising in advance.

I still have to learn a lot about my iPhone–it got me lost twice! Back to my children and grandchildren for more tuition. is my saviour. Sat-nav TomTom is my guide. Find Friends keeps me in touch. The next tour will be to Ireland (Eire)–already in the planning stage.

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#5 Lambswool Tartan Blanket

Lambswool Tartan Blanket
Show someone you care on their upcoming anniversary with a personalised lambswool blanket. Have the family name or the couples’ initials and wedding date embroidered on to a beautifully soft lambswool blanket for a gift that they will treasure forever. Send them a warm hug when you can’t be there.

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#6 Art Studio Live Acrylic Paint Kit

Art Studio Live Acrylic Paint Kit
Art Studio Live provides a unique gift; an All-in-One solution for learning how to paint. This Acrylic Painting Experience includes all the necessary tools and provides the steps to create your own painting, which is led by professional artists via streaming video. This painting experience acts as a therapy for those who need to occupy their minds while going through difficult times. Our customers have shared with us that this painting experience is also a great gift option because it provides a fun, enjoyable and therapeutic experience to any age group.

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#7 Angel Wings White Feather Elegant Glass Ornament

Angel Wings White Feather Elegant Glass Ornament
Dorinta Handmade is proud to suggest the following ornament for not only anniversaries but also to be enjoyed either year round or each year on the christmas tree.

Elegant white feathers and heartfelt card. Gift boxed and ready to go.

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