Marvelous Gifts That Begin with The Letter M

Top gifts starting with the 13th letter of the alphabet.

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4,000 years ago, Egyptians drew a vertical wavy line with five peaks to denote “water.” The Semites reduced the number of waves to three in 1800 BC; the Phoenicians continued the trend by removing one more wave. By 800 BC, peaks became zigzags and the structure was made horizontal — our “M” in sound and appearance.

If looking to cast waves with the people you seek to be appreciated by, you can’t possibly go wrong with these marvelous gifts that start with the letter “M”. Look mad magnanimous giving them away at leisure.

#1 Mango CBD Vape Starter Kit

Mango CBD Vape Starter Kit
This Mango CBD vape kit is small enough to be taken anywhere. Vaping CBD is a faster ingestion method than oral consumption since it enters your bloodstream directly. As an added bonus the flavour is superb!

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#2 Meditation and Mindfulness Coins

Meditation and Mindfulness Coins
“These small tokens are inexpensive and invaluable for one’s meditation and mindfulness practice. Each is handmade from polymer clay, either marbled or hand painted.

To use them, all one has to do is carefully focus on and observe the coin. What colours can be seen? What are the patterns? How does it feel in one’s hand? They can be used during meditation as a focal point, or used for even a few seconds during stressful periods during the day to bring one’s mind back to the present moment. Mindfulness is a key strategy to manage the stress of daily life. ”

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#3 Mandala Art

Mandala Art
Adult Colouring Book – with positive emotion mantras for relaxation and stress relief.

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#4 May Birthstone Necklace

May Birthstone Necklace is dainty and beautiful. They are perfect for everyday wear. The gemstone necklace is made from actual, raw gemstones. Each raw stone is unique and different and will varying size, shape, colour variations and texture. They make a perfect gift for Birthdays, Bridemaids.

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#5 Muffalatta from Vines and Branches RVC

Muffalatta from Vines and Branches RVC
This Artichoke and Olive spread kicks Ketchup to the curb on sandwiches, mixes into pasta, can be stuffed into Chicken Breast before cooking ( recipe in store) or just use a spoon!!

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#6 Mobile Warming Heated Apparel

Mobile Warming Heated Apparel
Mobile Warming offers a great line of Bluetooth heated gear for all outdoor activities. The clothing can be heated through a specialised app and the Bluetooth capability of your smartphone. Turn it up when you get cold, turn it down when it gets warmer. So for example, you can start at the highest temperature on an early-morning walk, but when the sun starts coming up, or you works up a sweat, you can turn it down. And the range of clothing includes not just jackets, but pants, shirts, base-layers, socks, and more. Great for hiking, walking the dog at night, or any other outdoor activity.

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#7 My First Workout®

My First Workout®
My First Workout® is an award winning, mom-founded company on a mission to help families develop deeper connections through an investment of time teaching children essential exercise habits from the earliest age possible. The key to a healthier tomorrow is getting kids involved today. This super smart kids-fitness program that focuses on fun and ease of use has become one of the most innovative and much needed new products to hit the market in 2019!

Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Miller, who has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, including a degree in Exercise Science and Fitness, has developed this program just for kids age 5 to 10 years old. The My First Workout® kit comes with 8 pieces of exercise equipment that are kid size and age appropriate for a child’s very own home gym. The Kit also comes with a poster of program 1 demonstrating 13 of the very best exercises for children to enhance performance in their sport, help prevent injuries and work all the major muscle groups of the body.

A how-to video of program 1 with Michelle and her kiddos properly demonstrating each exercise is available to help parents confidently teach the exercises to their children on the My First Workout®.com website. Kids are loving this step-by-step program that builds confidence along with an understanding of the fundamentals of exercise. When program 1 is mastered, there are 11 more programs in the series and 3 additional pieces of equipment that all build from the first program.

This program for all skill levels and children can progress at their own pace. Named the 2019 National Parenting product award winner, My First Workout® welcomes each and every child to the wonderful world of exercise that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form. Whatever body a child was born with, whatever interests they have in life, exercise simply improves individual quality of life for a lifetime. Let’s get our kids UNPLUGGED and STRONG inside and out!

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#8 MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount

MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount
The MantelMount MM540 solves a common TV mounting problem: mounting a flatscreen TV above the fireplace is an extremely popular mounting option, but it creates a horrible viewing angle. The MM540 is one of the few TV mounts capable of vertical movement, in addition to side-to-side swivel. As a result, you can move the TV from above the fireplace down to eye level (the perfect viewing angle, which also helps prevent neck and back pain), and then move it back when you’re done watching.

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#9 Misty Mate’s MISTPRO 3 Personal Mister

Misty Mate's MISTPRO 3 Personal Mister
Eco-friendly, battery-free Personal Mister with 3 ounce water capacity, cools the air up to 30 degrees F allowing you to Take Control of Your Climate! The very first of its kind- it’s completely Human-Powered, and Optimised so that it’s sleek, lightweight and easy to carry – allowing it to become your trusted Travel & Adventuring Companion; Exploration & Workout Buddy- keeping you comfortable and hydrated when you’re active outdoors; or simply relaxing by the pool- helping you refresh, align and keep your centre so that you can bring the very best version of yourself regardless of external conditions.

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#10 Magic Masque Face Mask

Magic Masque Face Mask
“MAGIC MASQUE is a nourishing and revitalising mask that can be used everyday. Its filled with active Anti-aging ingredients which bring a dewy youthful glow to your skin. Reduces fine lines and makes your dull skin GLOW!.

This product is brought to you by two-time Emmy Winner, Beauty Host of Extra, Soap Star, Michelle Stafford and her unique custom natural skin care line. ”

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#11 Moby 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat – Gray

Moby 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat - Gray
The MOBY Wrap is one of the most popular product to carry your baby post natally, and now the company has come out with a highly versatile product that you can literally use for baby 4 months to 4 years! The new MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat starts as an ergonomic front/back baby carrier, and when your child gets older and more mobile, it turns into a hip seat giving parents the relief they need when they are constantly picking up their child.

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