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15 Organic Gifts That Cancer Patients Will Appreciate

Gift ideas for those suffering with cancer

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Cancer is an incredibly hard disease for someone to battle and it often seems like no gift will appropriately satisfy their needs. Below are fantastic organic gifts that cancer patients will love and most of them are specifically designed to help people in their journey overcoming cancer.

#1 Lucent Gift Box


It’s a gift box full of organic gifts specially curated by a cancer survivor for cancer patients. It’s the perfect solution for people who have know idea what to do for their friends when they are diagnosed.

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#2 Essential Oils Set

Essential Oils Set
If there’s one thing a cancer patient can use, it’s something that will make them feel calm and relaxed. This natural essential oil set is just the thing to simply smell or use in aromatherapy for a therapeutic feel, plus it can also help relieve pain. The set includes lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass, orange, lemon, and tea tree oil, so there’s something for everyone.

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#3 CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Oil

CBD-Infused Extra Virgin Oil
I think this a great gift idea for cancer patients since it’s very healthy to consume and easy on the digestion. The combination of olives and hemp – both superfoods in their own right – creates a product that is both nutritional and healing.

The soothing effect of CBD helps counter side-effects from chemotherapy such as nausea, loss of appetite and weight-loss. Additionally, it gives a relaxing effect after being ingested, which helps with pain, soreness, and insomnia often experienced by cancer patients.

However, keep in mind that the oil contains CBD, so it should be used in moderation!

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#4 Stemology SRC-7 Serum

Stemology SRC-7 Serum
Just one year ago, Stemology founder and creator Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D. learned that his daughter, Kristen Williams, had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Due for 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a period of 6 months, it was not long before Williams experienced noticeable changes to her body. “I was only two treatments in when my skin and hair started a downward spiral. All of a sudden, I had the driest, flakiest skin, all the time. The fine lines on my face turned to full-fledged wrinkles, I looked 100 years old, and, frankly, I just looked sick.”

Knowing about the botanically-based, scientific approach of Stemology from her father, Williams added the Moisture Complete with SRC-7 and Cell Revive Serum Complete with SRC-7 to a strict regimen of safe, 100% natural skincare. “Immediately, my skin felt softer” Williams explains, “I didn’t feel like a lizard anymore!” In just one week, Williams’ skin was positively glowing. “The dryness, flakiness, and deep wrinkles were gone – even the little lines around my lips.” After a month of regular use, Williams saw powerfully hydrated, softer, even-toned skin with smaller pores and less redness. “I know it sounds crazy,” she exclaims, “but my skin looked better with Stemology on chemo than it did on a typical day!”

Today, Williams is gratefully cancer-free and still devotedly relying on Stemology to keep her skin looking and feeling its best. Her only regret is that she had not begun using her go-to products sooner. “I recommend Stemology to everyone, especially my brothers and sisters out there in the fight against cancer – God knows how much you need to feel normal and good during those tough days.”

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#5 New Age’s Hemp Oil Extract

New Age's Hemp Oil Extract
It is an effective remedy for treating cancer and preventing cancer cell growth.

The National Cancer Institute suggests that it helps to alleviate symptoms of cancer as well as side effects caused by cancer treatments such as pain and nausea. It does this with the aid of neuro-receptors in the body which helps to reduce pain, inflammation and it can change how the body cells reproduce.

A recent study was published on the effects of CBD on mice, the study shows positive effects in the reduction of cancerous tumors. CBD Oil helps in managing cancer-related pains and is used by patients suffering from various forms of cancer.

Best Of All: Cancer patients love it because, it has little to no side effects unlike the awful side effects caused by medications for managing cancer and relieving pain.

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#6 Follow the Feeling: A Roadmap to Emotional Freedom by Lisa C West

Follow the Feeling: A Roadmap to Emotional Freedom by Lisa C West
It’s no secret that going through cancer treatments is incredibly stressful. So many emotions surface and the trauma that both the body and mind go through can be immense. Follow the Feeling is a book containing thirty-three simple but effective techniques to help calm the nervous system and process emotions.

The book is conversational, easy to read and focused on real strategies to help settle the mind. The techniques are available to download in audio format, so the reader can simply hit play and relax as they are guided through the techniques.

Find out more or buy this product here

#7 Love Heals Journal

Love Heals Journal
Cancer is hard to talk about. I want to share a product with you that makes the conversation easier. Because Love’s Love Heals Journal creates an outlet to navigate the wide range of emotions that come along with a diagnosis, all while reminding the patient with cancer that she is loved and supported.

More than a traditional journal that is just blank pages in a book, it is a complete kit for heartfelt personalization from the gifter and provides a medium to make the difficult conversation and emotions around cancer a creative and individual experience filled with love.

The creator of the Love Heals journal used her art therapy background to create a one-of-a-kind gift when her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. The Love Heals Journal features pages including:

  • Writing & Doodling prompts
  • “Get your anger out” and throw a “crayon temper tantrum”
  • A Cancer “Chuck It List” – tasks you’re going to stop doing now that you have cancer (e.g. folding laundry)
  • Draw Your Doctor
  • “Treat Yourself Permission Slip” – grant yourself permission to do anything you want
  • A retail therapy wishlist & envelope for funds

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#8 Duverger French Macarons Degustation Pack

Duverger French Macarons Degustation Pack
A pinch of childhood Flavors, a handful of certified organic and gluten-free ingredients, and a great deal of love… Each Duverger’s macaron is carefully confectioned with the best fruits, berries, nuts and almond flour.

The passion of our Chef, Claire Becker, is to create the perfect combination of texture and flavor two slightly crispy shells and a lush enticing filling make every single bite a pure moment of delight. An authentic Duverger’s macaron will melt in your mouth and slowly release the taste of its raw ingredients like a symphony of flavors. Certified Organic and Gluten-Free

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#9 Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential oils can be used to help calm you when stress levels (anxiety, worry) are high. Freshening up a room with calming, safe (chemical-free) fragrances can also do wonders to promote peace and tranquility.

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#10 Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder

Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder
The polysaccharides in mushrooms stimulate natural killer cells (immune cells) that help your body kill intruders. These have been used for thousands of years and science is just recently catching up with data proving their efficacy.

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#11 Roma Leaf CBD OIL 250 MG Tincture

Roma Leaf CBD OIL 250 MG Tincture
Our oils are sourced from the highest quality CBD, and our products are always non-GMO, individually lab tested and contain 0% THC. Our oils are great for ingesting on their own or incorporating into food and drink recipes and are a healthy addition to any wellness/diet routine.

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#12 Sugimoto Tea Organic Sencha Teabags

Sugimoto Tea Organic Sencha Teabags
Authentic Japanese Sencha is Japan’s most popular tea and the Japanese secret to good health. Filled with antixoxidants, Sencha constitutes over 80% of Japanese tea consumption, allowing the Japanese people to live strong and long.

Our high quality compostable teabags have an extra long string as compared to other leading brands, allowing the tea to more easily be steeped in mugs and tumblers of any size. Each box contains 12 pyramid teabags of high quality and delicious authentic Organic Japanese Sencha made by the Sugimoto family in Shizuoka, Japan.

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#13 Salt Bath Trio Gift Set Collection

Salt Bath Trio Gift Set Collection
A trio collection of handcrafted, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free bath salts. Muscle soreness/Fatigue is common with cancer patients undergoing treatment. They also have an increased stress level dealing with the effects of the diagnosis.

Soaking in bath salts helps to replenish vital trace minerals such as magnesium, detox muscles, and ease pain. The essential oils act as aromatherapy to ease tension and stress. Salts can also be used as a foot soak. This gift set offers over 20+ soaks and is good for up to one year after purchase.

Find out more or buy this product here

#14 Organic Lip Balm Peppermint

Organic Lip Balm Peppermint
When I was going through cancer treatment for stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, I got a wide variety of gifts sent by incredible people. The problem is that there are very specific needs and even restrictions when you’re spending each day in the hospital. Flowers, one of the most popular gifts, were not allowed in my room because of the fungal spores and pollen which apparently can cause infection. This is especially the case for cancer patients who have a weakened immune system.

It got me thinking when a friend’s father was diagnosed with cancer.. I knew immediately to ask for the treatment regimen. What I learned was that his chemo was aggressive and often dried his skin, including lips. And of course, there was the usual nausea.

This is where organic moisturizers and essential oils can play a big role. For dryness of skin overall, I liked this citrus but light scent of this lotion from Andalou Naturals. It’s light but does the job. “Lightness” is important in this context not only in the feel but also the smell – too much can be very overwhelming for someone going through chemotherapy. For the dryness of the lips, peppermint lip balm was the perfect way to feel “normal.” One I liked and gifted to others was this one from Beauty by Earth. And speaking of peppermint, to help me in addition to anti-nausea medication was organic peppermint oil like this one from Plant Therapy.

Find out more or buy this product here

#15 MosquitoBoff Natural Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

MosquitoBoff Natural Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks
Mosquito-b-off is all natural long burn mosquito incense sticks made with the purpose of avoiding toxic chemicals like deet and others. This product is ideal for patients as besides being all natural it is also in the form of an incense. The right amount of smoke along with the smell of Citronella and lemon grass it keep the mosquitoes away without having to spray ourselves with anything. No sticky spray that can cause allergies especially in sick patient. just divine-smelling Mosquito repellent incense that also puts people in a meditative zone.

Find out more or buy this product here

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