Heartwarming Gifts That Begin with The Letter H

Top gifts starting with the 8th letter of the alphabet.

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The letter ‘H’ came from the Egyptians and used as a symbol for a fence. It made a breathy sound when pronounced so early academicians thought that it was not necessary and the British and Latin scholars eventually dropped the letter H from the English alphabet by around 500 AD. Despite the controversy, “H” secured a spot in our alphabet.

I the fences around someone is what you are looking to pass, there’s no better way to that than with these heartwarming gifts that start with the letter “H”.

#1 Honey Gift Set

Honey Gift Set
A perfect gift for teachers, hostesses, and honey connoisseurs, Waxing Kara’s Honey Gift Set features four 2oz jars of fan favourite varietals of Eastern Shore Honey. Each jar is raw, pure, and certified Kosher, making it great for Rosh Hashanah dinners and special events.

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#2 Home Again, Home Again By Cynthia MacGregor

Home Again, Home Again By Cynthia MacGregor
Even adults who are abducted have been known to identify with their kidnappers. Picture, then, a four-year-old child, already in a comfortable relationship with his abductor (a household employee who wants him for her own child) , who, when taken, is told that his parents have died and that his abductor is all that stands between him and “the orphan place.” Give him four years of living with her, and he’s going to get very attached to her.

Small wonder that, when the F.B.I. finally locates him and returns him to his parents, he doesn’t remember them, feels he’s just been taken from his rightful mom (the kidnapper), and is very resentful. To that mix add a new younger brother who has his own mysterious problems and the parents themselves, estranged as a result of the tensions arising from the kidnapping.

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#3 Home8 Video-Verified ActionView Garage Door Control Relay System

Home8 Video-Verified ActionView Garage Door Control Relay System
This kit is easy to install, includes video enabling you to visually verify what’s going on in your garage, and lets you operate your existing garage door controls with your smartphone at your fingertips.

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#4 Helix Twilight Mattress

Helix Twilight Mattress
The Helix mattress is a bed that’s made just for you, literally. With the Helix Color-MATCH system, you’ll be paired with one of nine new mattress models recently launched by Helix. All you have to do is complete the Helix Sleeping Quiz, which asks you to answer questions about your sleeping style, body type and comfort preferences. With this data, Helix will determine which of their mattresses matches your firmness, support and pressure relief needs.

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#5 HO2GO Bag

The HO2GO “morning after” bag is a new essentials kits that helps customers say goodbye to the walk of shame.” Made especially for those nights when you go hard, and don’t go home. The cleverly-conceived case includes all the necessities to help you get home discreetly without that 7am side-eye. The cool hologram coloured pouch includes flip flops, a tote bag, T-shirt, leggings, sunglasses (hater blockers), hair tie, toothbrush & paste, deodorant wipe, make-up wipe, headache relief, lip balm, and a small velour jewellry bag.

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#6 Healing Power of Humor

Healing Power of Humor
I wrote this book after my wife died. Her humour helped me get through the three difficult years of her terminal illness. Hundreds of people have told me how it also helped them to not only deal with life-challenging issues but everyday stressful situations as well. It must have because the book is now nearing a 40th printing and has had nine foreign language translations. The sub-title says it all” “Techniques for Getting through Loss, Setbacks, Upsets, Disappointments, Difficulties, Trials, Tribulations, and All That Not-So-Funny Stuff.”

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#7 Hydrogen Water Maker/ Ionizer

Hydrogen Water Maker/ Ionizer
Hydrogen water is known to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which make it powerful anti-aging water. While the day-to-day exposure to stress, sun rays, and different kinds of exposure to pollutants play a major role in speeding up our ageing process and inviting several diseases into our system, hydrogen-rich water can help prevent accelerated ageing, damages to our cells, and excessive vulnerability to disease.

Hydrogen-Rich water is a popular technology in Asia, and have been studied and researched over the last decade. Now we are bringing it to the US market and we are looking forward to being the trendsetter for this technology.

The device, which is a portable hydrogen-rich water generator, that allows people to fill it anywhere with regular water and quickly convert it into ionised water, offers a healthy, Eco-friendly and inexpensive solution when compared to other products available on the market.

It’s designed to have fashion in mind and as you can see it’s the most luxury looking Water Ioniser on the planet! Not only luxury looking, but it’s also high tech and delivers best results!

People will no longer need to buy canned hydrogen water, which is expensive, wastefully uses cans, and often comes with a certain smell that consumers do not appreciate. People won’t need to use pills to infuse water with hydrogen either, which is good, considering that these work based on chemical reactions. Our portable water ioniser works in a safe and chemical-free way that generates odourless and pure hydrogen-rich water in only a few minutes after filling the bottle.

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#8 How to Become a Housesitter: Insider Tips from the HouseSit Diva by Kelly Hayes-Raitt

How to Become a Housesitter: Insider Tips from the HouseSit Diva by Kelly Hayes-Raitt
I’m both a pet lover and a pet owner….and I love to travel. But I hate boarding my kitty, which can be expensive and dangerous. So, I engage a house sitter to live in my home for free while spoiling Charley, my little guy. I also travel though house sitting, where I live in someone else’s home for free and care for their pets while they are on vacation. So, I get to keep my feline-fix while exploring great places like Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Hanoi, Osaka,Singapore. (But don’t tell Charley, he gets jealous…) How can other travel-loving pet owners do this?

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