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8 First Salary Gifts for Your Father That Say Thank You

Gifts to buy your father with your first salary

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Getting your first salary is a cause for congratulations and celebrations, but it’s also important to remember who helped you along the way. Gifting your father a small token of your appreciation is a great start to your working career. Below are eight gifts that he will love.

#1 Beeswax Easy Use Pouches

Perfect for those who want to adopt an eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle.

Made using only natural beeswax and 100% cotton.

Ditch the cling film and use these reusable all natural wraps and pouches to store your food/seal your dishes.

Convenient and suitable sizes for most items including fresh bread, sandwiches , fruit, veg, cheese, and so much more! The only things you cannot use these for are fresh meat and fresh fish

They can be used again and again for up to a year!

Beeswax is a natural antibacterial and will keep your food fresh! Unlike other manufacturers we do not use pine resin which has been known to taint the flavour of food. So no horrible flavours/sticky food. Just fresh and tasty food with zero waste.

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#2 3D Moon Lamp – 3 Color Moon Night Light with Stand

3D Moon Lamp - 3 Color Moon Night Light with Stand
This product makes a good gift for dads – the light is pleasing, detailed and realistic. Perfect for night time to give your dad that sense of sleeping under the stars in the great outdoors.

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#3 SURIN Black Yoga Wheel

SURIN Black Yoga Wheel
The SURIN yoga wheel is perfect for father especially for relaxation and leisure purposes.

As the major bread-winner in the family, the burden of the family naturally lies on the father’s shoulder, which is certainly taxing to the father’s health and mind.

This brings me to the topic, whereby a father can start practicing yoga as a way to live healthily and be in harmonize with one self. With the SURIN yoga wheel, it would enable the father to practice yoga poses safely which would greatly enhance the understanding of yoga at a much deeper level.

Plus the fact that the SURIN yoga wheel is also light (about 4.2 lb) and comes with a free waterproof carrier, it would be extremely convenient for fathers to carry around so that they could perform once in a while stretching.

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#4 BluPond HD Vision

BluPond HD Vision
The BluPond HD Vision driving glasses are lightweight, durable, and with all the lens features you’d expect. What’s more, at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

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#5 Eagle Eyes SuperSight System

Eagle Eyes SuperSight System
These are the best sunglasses for driving as they have multiple lenses optimized for different conditions.

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#6 SOXICK Night Driving Polarized Glasses

SOXICK Night Driving Polarized Glasses
The Soxick HD polarized night vision driving glasses offer great value for money. An excellent alternative to the BluPond HD Vision.

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#7 Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
The Garrett Pro Pointer AT is an excellent choice for anyone, whether they’re an amateur or pro in the metal detecting arena. It’s a waterproof pinpointer, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications while its different sensitivity modes make it easier than you ever imagined to find your target quickly.

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#8 Kuman DT-44021 Pin-Pointer

Kuman DT-44021 Pin-Pointer
The Kuman DT-44021 Pin-Pointer is perfect for a complete beginner or for a young user, this could be the ideal option for you. Designed for ease of use, this user-friendly device offers three sensitivity modes and can be used on all kinds of terrain from sand to soil. This is a great choice for simple gold prospecting or jewellery hunting jobs.

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#9 The Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables

The Everyday Smart Wallet by Walli Wearables
Walli – Smart Wallet would a great ‘First Salary Gift for Father’ because the wallet has unique features that dad’s will love. The wallet has built in tracking feature along with missing card notification.

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