Wow Your Colleagues with these Holiday Gifts – Ideal for the Office

Our Favorite Gifts for the Holiday Season

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If you want to impress your colleagues this holiday season then look no further than our selection of out of the box gifts. For all the gift ideas you need this holiday season take a look below!

Black Truffle Infused Laconiko Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This product was recommended by Niko Adamopoulos from Laconiko

Our black truffle olive oil is the best way to motivate your co-worker to cook and grill more as they will taste the difference in our healthy, pure and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. It is great with pasta, soups, risotto, steak, burgers, chicken, etc. This will go great with any of your dishes to give it that amazing Truffle flavor. Give this best-selling olive oil a try and experience this luxurious earthy taste found uniquely in black truffles!

Inferno Straw™

This product was recommended by Belle Du Chene from Ism Public Relations

Just when you thought all office parties were lame, The Inferno Straw(TM) comes across your desk and changes the way you look at straws forever. The Inferno Straw is the world’s first and only pepper extract infused straw designed to deliver a large fire burning in your mouth that is dangerously out of control. We’re talking on the Scoville scale, hot. We dare you and your colleagues to try out the #InfernoStrawChallenge to see how savage you are.

Funny Memo Pads

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsurance

Everyone could use a memo pad, and there has been a time that every single person has felt like they’re living one of these pictures. The picture and statements should bring a chuckle to the user which is exactly what you need during a long day at the office.

Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow

This product was recommended by Samuel David from Smart Home Vault

Excellent as a massage therapy for back and neck, the Shiastu massager pillow is also great for other body parts. Stylish and convenient, plus this nifty device can be used at the office or home (comes with a carrying handle). If you have a coworker who’s prone to neck and back aches or pain, whose job involve sitting for long hours or who takes long commute, the Shiatsu massager pillow is a perfect gift.

Shield Cufflinks- Gold Plated

This product was recommended by Oscar Winphrey from N/A

Ariana Nila Jewelry offers a versatile personalized jewelry catalog, unique and exclusive to every client’s tastes, occasion, and purpose.

Skullcandy Riff Wireless On-Ear Headphone

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

This headphone is awesome because it based on Bluetooth wireless technology and most important thing is its rapid charging that takes only 10 mins and gives 2 hours usage. Full charge takes 1-2 hours and will give 12 hours of battery life that is amazing for music lovers.

Quigley Blue Twill Sports Coat

This product was recommended by Ali Hasan from Film Jackets

If he’s a good person and not like any mentally ill narcissistic manager, consider gifting this awesome sports jacket.

Eco Friendly Ballpoint Pens

This product was recommended by Macgyver Ng from Emerging Green

Well priced, functional and eco-friendly. It’s made of plants, which is a good substitute for plastic.

A5 spiral lined notebook

This product was recommended by Macgyver Ng from Emerging Green

Well priced, minimalist style and eco friendly. It can last longer than most notebooks and it’s made of recycled paper. Why deforrest when you can recycle?

Written by James Jackson


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