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Wackiest Gifts You’ll Love Buying In 2020

Quirky, feature-full gifts to keep the entertainment going!

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If you want to make a statement of fun with your gift, this is your list. We’ve got a lot of options for the quirkiest gifts on the internet. Whoever’s the lucky person is, they’ll love playing around and forming memories with these items.

The trouble with a lot of novelty, wacky gifts is that they don’t last. So we’ve picked the wacky gifts that also have good longevity.

There’s nothing to wait for now. Find the weirdest gift and create some fun times!

Redneck Roadkill

Gift recommended by Shari Mesulam from Toots Isaacs.

Redneck Roadkill is the game that lets you maul the armadillo, waste the squirrel and pulverize the skunk (all break-apart foam) with your radio-controlled vintage pick-up truck – and we have a Zombie version!

Dangling Handmade Beaded Earrings

Gift recommended by Monica H. Swahn from Tugende Design.

These wacky earrings are adorable and handmade from recycled book pages as part of our social enterprise business initiative to uplift women from poverty in Uganda. They are a perfect wacky gift for the avid reader, book lover or any women who loves jewelry and supports women empowerment initiatives.

AquaMermaid Tail

Gift recommended by Marielle Chartier Henault from AquaMermaid.

A mermaid tail is an amazing gift for anyone who loves wacky, colorful things! Dress up like a mermaid and feel like a real life Ariel!

Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Gift recommended by Heather Meehan from Centriq.

Get the better of two worlds, first aid and insults, with these Shakespearean-inspired bandages. Featuring a different Shakespearan quote on each one, these unique bandages give new meaning to the phrase “boo-boo”. Makes a great wacky gift idea for a friend or co-worker.

Book of Bad Jokes

Gift recommended by Heather Meehan from Centriq.

Never run out of bad jokes ever again! This book is overflowing with the worst-of-the-worst jokes and is guaranteed to give your gift recipient a good chuckle. It features a stunning array of jokes, puns and just a couple of riddles for good measure. Your gift recipient will be the ultimate party killer with this wacky gift idea that is fit for any occasion.

Toilet Golf Putter

Gift recommended by Heather Meehan from Centriq.

It’ll be a hole-in-one every time with this toilet golf putter. For the golf lover who thinks he’s got it all, this wacky gift idea will prove him wrong! Intended for bathroom use, it sets up in a matter of seconds but is guaranteed to induce hours of chuckles every time your recipient takes a trip to the loo!

Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken by Animolds

Gift recommended by Media Maison.

Shock and surprise your friends with this year’s wackiest viral sensation. The Animolds Giant Screaming Rubber Chicken is over 2 feet tall, stands up on its own, and can make noise for up to a whopping 45 seconds. Just ask Howie Mandel! A great gag gift for any occasion, it comes in a variety of vibrant colors, as well as a smaller size for those who are a little less adventurous. There’s a chicken for everyone, and it’s guaranteed to get a laugh out of even the most serious subjects.

Steno SR (pocket sized sound booth)

Gift recommended by D. Gilson from CarInsuranceCompanies.

Okay, this gift is WEIRD, but also super useful. Many of us have to take important phone calls in busy places — coffee shops, airports, home, etc. This device hooks over your mouth and to your device — phone, computer, tablet — to allow you to have a private conversation as if you were in a phone booth. It might look weird, but it allows you to not share what you’re talking about with the entire room. And hey, it kind of makes you look like a Star Wars villian, which appeals to a lot of folks.

Written by James Jackson


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