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Useful Gifts Farmers Need In 2020

Welcome the roaring twenties part two with these value-adding gifts for the farmer you know

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Farmers lead a truly active lifestyle. They also love what they do.

That’s why in making this list, we’ve looked for items that symbolize love for country living (that wooden tractor is so cool!), as well as practical products that make a farmer’s life easier.

We’ve also catered for any budget, so whether it’s a little something-something or an all out present for impressing, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

RoWood 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Toy

Gift recommended by Suzana Mijatovic from What To Get My.

If you have a farmer in your life who enjoys puzzles, the RoWood Craft Toy might be the thing he/she needs. It’s a beautifully crafted tractor model that would complement every farmer’s room. Once assembled, it makes a perfect decoration for a cabinet or any other part of the house!

Sojoy Heated Car Seat Cushion

Gift recommended by Suzana Mijatovic from What To Get My.

A heated car seat cushion is perfect for farmers who are out there on the tractor, early on during winter mornings. No matter how much they bundle up, nothing can really protect them from the cold on the field. That’s why a heated car seat cushion is such an excellent choice. It will keep a farmer warm and comfy in his seat and ease the winter tasks on the field.

YETI Rambler

Gift recommended by Suzana Mijatovic from What To Get My.

Whether you’re shopping for a tea, coffee, or beer lover, a rambler is a must-have for farmers. They head out on the field early in the morning and get back late at night. During the time, their drinks have a chance to go bad several times. There’s where Yeti Rambler becomes handy. With it, your farmer will have hot and cold drinks within hand’s reach all day long.

Nekteck Portable Solar Panel Charger

Gift recommended by Suzana Mijatovic from What To Get My.

When out there in the field, farmers don’t have an outlet anywhere near them so they can power up their electric devices. That could be really annoying, especially if your phone dies two minutes after you started working, and you’re going to be there all day, disconnected from the world. To prevent that from happening to your favorite farmer, get him/her a portable solar charger. With a little help from the sun, a farmer will have all the electric devices in their peak power!

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Gift recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher.

This wireless knit cap makes the ideal multi-use gift for the farmer in your life. Enjoy hand-free music and phone calls while out in the fields. It has a double layer thick knit for extra warmth and noise reduction, Hi-Fi sound stereo so you can listen to music while at work!

The Complete Book of Herbs by Lesley Bremness

Gift recommended by Casper Ohm from Water-Pollution.

This book is an oldie, but definitely still a goodie! Written in 1994 before the new-age herb garden craze, this book teaches you the fundamentals of herb gardening. As a multi-purpose book, it will show you how to plant, grow, identify and use your favorite herbs. Perfect for both newbie and veteran growers looking to expand their knowledge of garden herbs. It’s available nowadays with full-color illustrating, making it an impressive addition to any bookshelf and a perfect gift for your green-thumbed friends.

Gardener Work Gloves

Gift recommended by Peter Miller from GardeningStuffs.

A farmer’s hand gets a lof beating from day-to-day because it is always exposed to the sun, water, dirt, and chemicals making it prone to cuts, blisters, splinters, dryness and more. And gloves will help lessen the chances of strain and injuries in the hands. So, I think giving gloves as a gift is something farmers would appreciate because it is something they can use plus, it shows them that you care.

Solar Power Bank 30000mAh

Gift recommended by Oliver Perryman from Dehumidifier Critic.

It comes with a durable design and is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. And the best part is, it gets recharged whenever you are under the sun (which a farmer stays all day long). A thoughtful gift like this for your farmer friend is just excellent.

John Deere Leather Gloves

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from InsuranceProviders.

A good pair of work gloves are a necessary part of farm work. The John Deere logo add a touch of style to the workwear. They’re soft and comfortable while maintaining their protective quality. With a variety of sizes, you can ensure a perfect fit.

Written by James Jackson


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