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The Perfect Nerdy Gifts

The Best Gifts For Nerds

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Treat the Nerd in your life with one of the gifts below. We’ve tried to include a whole range of options below so you should be able to find something that is relevant to your special someone’s interests.

Sega Genesis Mini

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

The Sega Genesis was a revolutionary 16-bit videogame system during the ’90s, where many classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog were released.

The Sega Genesis Mini is a dream come true for many geeks that have waited decades for a remake. SEGA did a great job releasing the mini version of its console last year, making it HDMI ready, lightweight and portable, weighing in at about 2 pounds. It also features 2 wired controllers, wired for nostalgic emphasis and pre-loaded with 42 classic SEGA games.

A must-have for any nerd, geek or video game enthusiast looking to recreate the golden age of videogames in 2020 in high definition.

Full-Frontal Nerdity new book by K.S. Wiswell

This product was recommended by Valerie Silverman from VSK Public Relations, LLC

If you’ve ever wondered what astrophysics can teach you about the dating pool or how quantum particles can show you how to ignore the haters, look no further. From a Nerd-of-All-Trades comes Full-Frontal Nerdity, a collection of personal essays about applying all that “useless” book learning toward the more practical pursuits of life, love, and releasing your inner quantum.

Long before “The Big Bang Theory” made geek scientists cool, there have been Sheldons trying to navigate the world of Pennys. It isn’t always pretty, but it makes for great stories. Full-Frontal Nerdity is a collection of some of those stories—like the time the author got into a debate about the nature of addition with a Time Warner Cable representative or used the many-worlds theory to cheer herself up after a bad day.

Catan Traveler

This product was recommended by Kalev Rudolph from QuoteInspector

Settlers of Catan is of the most prolific games to ever honor Nerd-dom with its wonder, innovative gameplay, and hours of fun. Now, you can bring the rivalries, laughter, and resource stocking fun with you wherever you go.

The perfect gift for any nerd in your life, Catan Traveler, is an ingeniously paired down version of this award-winning game. With convenient built-in drawers to store game pieces and newly reimagined gameplay for two to four players, this is sure to be a hit gift. With a randomizable board, every game you play is a unique chance to claim the status of Settler of Catan.

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer T-Shirt

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

Not only is this T-shirt soft and durable, but it’s also funny. Some are more savvy when it comes to fixing computers than others and some of those people always get asked for help. Now they can say no without uttering a word.

Spider Man Fragrance Buddy

This product was recommended by Scott Watson from The Wickfree’s

Spiderman – Scentsy Buddy – If he cant do it no other man can! Oh yes our first human (ish) Scentsy buddy is Spiderman! Scentsy now have a deal in place with Marvel to make buddies from all the Avengers and Spiderman is webbing his way in to the latest scentsy range. He comes in a gift box with his own free Scentsy Scent Pak. If you want you can choose a Scent pak in Spiderman’s new Scentsy Fragrance Nine Realms.. This new Scentsy scent also comes in a Scentsy wax bar. The Scentsy spider man buddy is the perfect unique gift for all nerds out there.

Custom-Made Hand Forged Samurai Sword

This product was recommended by Jordan McDowell from Swords of Northshire

Delight and amaze your favorite nerd by making their dream sword a reality! This samurai sword is 100% customizable, including the length, blade material, handle wrap, and more. No stainless steel replicas here—this authentic katana is artfully hand-forged by master smiths in Longquan, China for a product that is truly the real deal.

Choose from a selection of premium steel blade options, scabbard colors, silk or leather handle wrappings, and even add a custom engraving for an extra-personal touch. Whether the lucky recipient uses their custom sword in the dojo or as a wall hanging, it’s a truly special gift they’re sure to cherish for a lifetime.

Overwatch Mercy Medic Thigh High Cosplay Socks

This product was recommended by Nancy L. from SixOn Clothing

Perfect for gamer nerds, these sexy thigh high socks blend everyday wear with casual cosplay.

Celestron – StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope

This product was recommended by Gabe Uribe from L.A. Tech House

The award winning StarSense Explorer telescope from Celestron makes exploring the universe from your backyard super easy using its unique sky recognition technology. The included Android / iOS phone app provides an on-screen guidance system that is easy to navigate, even for beginners.

Written by James Jackson


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