The end of materialism: How Covid has given us a new found appreciation for personal gift giving

With Christmas potentially spent apart this year, impersonal gifts are a thing of the past while cherished possessions will bring us closer together

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Record and share you and your loved one’s life stories this Christmas with StoryTerrace

As we head towards winter and the potential for a second Coronavirus lockdown grows, our Christmas plans remain uncertain. With the prospect of spending a Christmas surrounded by family and friends by no means guaranteed, the days of impersonal, materialistic gift giving is gone. The biography-writing service StoryTerrace are here to provide a present that, unlike iPads and earbuds, can be cherished forever. 

StoryTerrace is a company that documents the life stories of every-day people by pairing them up with professional writers to curate full-length, beautifully crafted biographies to help you and your loved ones relive your life’s greatest experiences.

There are 3 options for StoryTerrace packages: Compact, Complete and Novella, with prices ranging from £1500 to £5250. To read more about pricing, as well as other services offered here.

“StoryTerrace began with a simple idea – a biographer for every person. By matching everyday people with these gifted professional writers, we’re ensuring that stories of the people that make up the fabric of our country will be preserved for generations. 

Each and every one of us has a story to tell and although many may doubt the value of documenting their life stories just for themselves, the gift of preserving family stories is invaluable. Especially given the twists and turns that this year has taken, and with our Christmas plans hanging in the balance, StoryTerrace are committed to bringing families and loved ones together this Christmas, no matter how far they may be apart.” 

Rutger Bruining, CEO and founder of StoryTerrace, discusses personal biographies and the people that bring them to life:

About StoryTerrace

StoryTerrace is a service that connects ordinary people with professional writers via an online portal, so that everyone can have their life stories documented in a beautifully designed, professional book. StoryTerrace has a network of over 600 ghostwriters across the world, and provides a range of packages to suit any story. 

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