The Best Bee Themed Gifts You Can Buy

Busy bees, lazy bees, queens and workers will love these bee-themed goodies

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Bees are such an important part of our world. They support our growing plants, they give us honey, and they’re simply cute.

Beekeepers and bee lovers know this. That’s why we’ve made this list, so you can show your appreciation for their passion. A symbol of their love for bees, any of these fun and quality gifts will go down with a buzz!

Bumble Bee Mug

Gift recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics.

If you’re looking to get your friend a cute yet different birthday present, go for this coffee mug. With its clever “Happy Bee Day” design, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face. At 13 ounces, you’re not giving your friend just any old gift, you’re also giving them the gift of a caffeine boost each morning- so they’ll have plenty to thank you for!

Honeypot – Honeycomb Design

Gift recommended by Ally Mahoney from Ciroa.

For honey lovers, is there a better way to store their honey other than in a honeycomb honey pot? This one, by Ciroa, is crafted from durable ceramic, and includes a cute honey dipper.

Hive Storage Canisters

Gift recommended by Ally Mahoney from Ciroa.

Bee-lovers can keep their dry-goods close to hand in our range of hive storage canisters. Made from high-quality porcelain, these canisters have an airtight silicone seal, keeping contents fresh.

Bee Friendly beeswax free lip balm

Gift recommended by Debra Myers from Enfusia.

Vegan friendly, spf 15 and beautifully moisturizing using plant based waxes

Honey Sampler

Gift recommended by Alexis Arizzi from Arizzi Creative.

Woman owned and run, this company employs Baltimore local at-risk women. The gift products they create are handcrafted, beautiful…and their honey is amazing. Perfect addition for the ‘Year of the Woman.’

Written by James Jackson


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