Product Review: tech 21 Impact Shield Review

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Three thin layers of rock-solid protection in one, with no change in clarity. Hard to believe but 100% true, thanks to super-unique formulas that magically smooth out any nasty scuffs and scratches.

  • Ultra-thin profile
  • Protective film
  • Self-healing finish
  • Easy to apply for the perfect fit

tech 21 Impact Shield Review:

Thudding onto a wooden floor, slamming into a granite counter top or porta-potty – bad news for any glass screen, right? For years, we’ve looked at glass with a sense of dread. The tech 21 Impact Shield is shattering this glass-fearing mentality.

Its multi-layer, cutting edge technology is a definite ‘wow.’

What Makes a tech 21 Impact Shield – and Why We Love It.

Removing the impact shield from the package, I honestly didn’t think it would have any impact on my phone at all. So thin it’s almost invisible, it almost laid flat against the screen. NOTE: The utility of the tech 21 Impact Shield is NOT related to how many layers of protection they put around the screen.

A lot of companies throw away the first two layers of material to make it ‘thinner’ but, in the meantime, your screen always has scratches. The second miracle of the tech 21 Impact Shield is how it goes on. The beauty of this is you’re not supposed to be able to do this! All the previous screen protectors I’ve used – from cheaply made ones that came with my phones, to this amazingly price one that came with an expensive phone, were all cut too small. In the process of putting it on, they’d cut off part of the top or bottom. BUMMER – really ‘bummer.’ Then, you’d have to spend time taking the whole thing off, cutting off the excess, putting it back on (in two pieces, which, in the process, made it NEVER fit like the first time) and praying it would be perfect next time. Sometimes the screen would be flush with the edge of your phone and other times, it would be too high or low depending on which portion it had been cut from and how many times you’d taken it off and put it on. Frustrating – but this is NOT the case when using the Impact Shield! The process takes less than a minute and it is PERFECT every single time.

This Screen Protector can be put directly over the top of your existing screen without causing any bubbles.

Which brings us to protection. This is an amazing accomplishment for a company to come up with a screen protector that offers this much coverage. It’s like someone put a giant box on your screen! Even though it’s transparent, it makes your phone feel solid. If you have the normal screen protector that comes with a new mobile phone, take it off and put an Impact Shield on. You’ll feel how much more solid it makes it feel.

The tech 21 Impact Shield is designed to fit your iPhone perfectly. Unlike most screen protectors on the market that are made of a rigid material, the Impact Shield screen protector is made of a unique material that has the look and feel of glass, and allows your iPhone to be 100% responsive.

How many times have you applied a screen protector, only to realize afterwards that you have misaligned and gotten bubbles underneath? Or worse still, you get bubbles that are impossible to get rid of. NOT SO WITH THE IMPACT SHIELD! The ease and accuracy of application allowed for the bubbles to be eliminated. Not only that (they will give you a 100% guarantee!) but it has no bubbles! Even better – the Impact Shield has been tested on a variety of phones and tablets (with different phone manufacturers’ cases) and it does work.

Not only does the Impact Shield have a multi-layer, high quality protection, the self-healing finish also looks great! When I first tried to apply it, I did it wrong, so rather than leave it like that, I took it off, applied a new one and watched in amazement as the screen protector sucked in the scratch. Literally – it healed it back to normal. If you have a scratch you just can’t get rid of, put it on. Let it stay there for 24 hours (I tried it for 6 and it was perfect.) then take it off and ‘Shazaam!’ No scratch.

There are several features of the Impact Shield that make it such an amazing product:

  • The tech 21 Impact Shield is compatible with most cases. The Impact Shield will allow you to use cases that have a lip or more than 10mm of clearance around the device (including most silicone, rubber, TPU, leather and plastic cases).
  • Color Retention is one of the most important features in a screen protector. This gives you the guarantee that your screen will display all the same awesome colors and images. believe me, as a photo-buff, I like my pictures to “pop.” This screen protector won’t fade in color due to exposure to daylight or UV (which causes color loss).
  • The self-healing finish allows for the screen to have a lifetime of protection from scratches. In addition to the self-healing technology, the Impact Shield is also extremely resistant to fingerprints and a perfect fit.

How to Apply a tech 21 Impact Shield – Going Over the “How To.”

The application process is so easy – after you remove the Impact Shield from the self-adhesive cover, position it over your phone screen. You’ll notice the Impact Shield sticks to itself. There’s one strip that goes across the bottom of your phone, which is incredibly helpful because you can line it up with your case to get a perfect fit. It also allows you to pick and choose where you want it without getting the screen protector wet, therefore avoiding a smushed look, especially if you’re using a high quality phone case.

The silicone layer is on the right, while the organic screen layer is on the left.

NOTE: The Impact Shield HAS TO BE CLEAN. You will remove dust by simply wiping with a damp cloth – including any lint or other debris – which can give you a bubble. (I also wiped off the case.) I put it up to an area that was flat (it had to be clean, otherwise I would’ve had a bunch of dust under it!) and using one hand, took the other hand with the shield, aligned it perfectly – give or take a millimeter on each corner – and then I slowly slid it down the phone. It literally took 5 seconds. I could feel the blade up top fit into the case perfectly and was patient when it went across the top of the phone. I made sure the bottom was lined up perfectly and followed the curve of the phone on either side. Perfect!

You can also align the tech 21 PhoneShield with your phone case before applying it.

NOTE: If you have a plastic case, let it sit for about 10 minutes before putting your phone in case.

Quick Tip: Apply tech 21 PhoneShield to your phone first, then place your phone in the case.

It’s important to get it lined up properly for a perfect fit.

The self-healing finish has the look and feel of glass when applied to your phone.

How much protection does the tech 21 impact shield offer?

The scratch resistance material gives:

  • High Definition Transparency (0.8H+ and 3H+)
  • Touchscreen Accuracy (1 to 4 RMS)
  • Resistance to Aging/Fading & Scratches (self-healing)
  • Resistance to Oil/Water (coated to prevent)
  • Resistance to Bacteria/Germs
  • Resistance to Stains (resistant to protein, dairy, strawberry, and organic test liquids)
  • Resistance to Scratching (90% of scratches absorbed by screen protector)
  • Resistance to Corner Rolls/Bends
  • Bubble-Free Application

Should I buy tech 21 impact shield?

If you are an iPhone user, you should buy this screen protector. In fact, if you have any phone or tablet that has a touchscreen, you should also get an Impact Shield. Not only does it offer the best protection that you could hope to find, it looks great and easy to apply. Other than that – they are the best screens I’ve ever used!

If you have scratches you just can’t get rid of, stick it on for 24 hours and watch it heal that scratch! It’s like magic!

For more information, visit Tech 21’s website.

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