Photographers will Love Receiving these Gifts

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Looking to for a gift for the avid photographer in your life? These gifts are fantastic useful options for them! All of the following items have been recommended in 2020 so you don’t have to waste time searching for a reliable option. Check them out below!

Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap SL-BK-3

This product was recommended by James Miller from Photographer Touch

This versatile pro camera strap is a super cool idea to buy for any photographer because it is highly versatile, it can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap, and can really ease from the heavyweight on your hands. This strap is built as a wide seatbelt style webbing, super comfortable, smooth on one side, and gripped on the other. It works with any camera, it has a patent-pending Anchor Link connection system which means you can attach and detach with one hand. And it is under a lifetime warranty.

Savage Photography Background paper

This product was recommended by Brendan Steele from The Listing Factory

Don’t waste your time on the cheap cloth photography backgrounds that come with your standard photography backdrop stands. Paper backgrounds are much more professional and yield much better results without the hassle of post-production edits, especially for video. The pure white is what professional product photographers use in the white background product photography on websites today.

Professional Camera Tripod

This product was recommended by Brendan Steele from The Listing Factory

Don’t waste your time with the amazon basics camera tripod. This one gives you the bang-for-your-buck that is a perfect gift for your product photographer.

Product Photography Backdrop Stand

This product was recommended by Brendan Steele from The Listing Factory

If you decide to purchase the Savage universal photography paper, you will need a professional stand to hold it up. This one is ideal for photographer

Camera Travel Alarm Clock

This product was recommended by Stephanie Martin from Step(h) into Nature

I know a lot of wildlife photographers who travel all over the world and often have to get up at day break when animals are most active, so they will be getting this handy little travel alarm clock from me! Phones are great but you can’t beat a cute memento like this!

Funny Photographer Coffee Mug

This product was recommended by Sandip Sekhon from Pathways Health

Funny, inexpensive, and practical. This is bound to make your photographer friends smile, without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s pretty durable and well-sized.

Lens Kit For iPhone by SHUTTERMOON

This product was recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook

Give the photographer in your life the perfect gift with this phone lens kit. It comes with a compatible anti-slip and anti-scratch clip design to ensure that the lens is tightly secured to your phone so you can get the perfect shot. The kit comes in a portable case so photographers can capture the perfect moment at any time!

K9 Clear Crystal Ball

This product was recommended by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

Surprise your photographer friend by gifting him/her this crystal ball that is used to capture epic photos in 180 degree angle.

Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

This product was recommended by Justin Lewis from Kiki Photography

My wife is a photographer, so I have had to look at all sorts of gifts I’ve gotten for her. One of the best gifts was this Polaroid camera. My wife spends so much time taking digital photos and editing those digital photos, a changeup is nice at times. There’s also something very magical about being able to take a photo, and see that photo appear, almost ghost-like in fashion. You wait and see the picture form. The anticipation actually builds the value of the photo. It definitely adds a new sense of adventure to any of her photography trips.

Bokeh Masters Kit

This product was recommended by Leonard Ang from AQVA

A Bokeh Masters Kit is a tool which could enhance the creativity level of a photographer. With this, the photographer could make images with different figures like a star, a heart, or more. This brings a wonderful effect to any photo.

Camera Cleaning Kit

This product was recommended by Leonard Ang from AQVA

Getting a camera cleaning kit must be one of the most practical and useful gifts you could give a photographer. They literally use this a lot and would definitely appreciate receiving one. A camera cleaning kit is a must have if you are a photographer, that’s why I’m recommending this.

Pictar Smart Grip

This product was recommended by Leonard Ang from AQVA

If your photographer friend already has his/her tools or materials in place for their camera, try giving him/her an accessory for his/her phone. A phone is the most handy camera and almost everybody has it on hand. Giving this accessory will enhance the images a photographer may capture using their phone.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This product was recommended by Leonard Ang from AQVA

Now, who wouldn’t want to have a portable photo printer on hand? This is a great gift for those who take a lot of photos. They could easily print out the memories they have captured and share it with whomever..

Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit

This product was recommended by Leonard Ang from AQVA

A ring light is a great tool in improving photo quality and this might just be the gift you’re looking for. This is one of the best light you could get if you’re working indoors. This ring light is dimmable to your liking.

Photography Idea Cards

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceCompanies

There isn’t a photographer around who wouldn’t appreciate some extra inspiration. This deck of cards has photography challenges and ideas. You can’t get stuck in a rut with some of the crazy challenges on these cards, like “photograph an egg.” It’s funny but it also makes for a good exercise.

Written by James Jackson


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