Need a Gift for a Colleague that’s Leaving the Office? Take a look at these Gift Ideas

Gifts Best for the Office – Recommended in 2020

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It can be tough to find a gift that’s just right for a colleague that is moving on, which is why we put together this list of some of our favorite gift ideas especially for this occasion. Take a look below to find what you are looking for.

Polaroid Box

This product was recommended by Marcel Schmolmüller from Journi

I think the perfect gift for someone who is leaving the office is a personal one. In our team everyone gets a reminder of the great time we had together. This could be in form of a polaroid box (with a bunch of pics from the good old times) or a photo book with all the memories we had together in them.

Funny Leaving Card

This product was recommended by Joe Wilson from MintResume

I suppose this depends on the persons sense of humour and personality, but I always prefer to give someone a bit of a laugh rather than push sentimental buttons. We all know leaving is a sad occasion – why not lighten things up!

The Humble Coffee Cup

This product was recommended by Joe Wilson from MintResume

Everyone needs a good solid cup! The likelihood is (at least in my experience) that the person leaving will not be using their trusty cup at their new place of employment. A new one can be useful and a nice reminder of their former colleagues.

Eco Friendly Ballpoint Pens

This product was recommended by Macgyver Ng from Emerging Green

These pens are practical and unique gifts because they are made from plants. Most pens are made of either plastics or metal. This can be the ideal people who are environmentally conscious and into sustainability.

Bamboo Watch

This product was recommended by Macgyver Ng from Emerging Green

This watch stands out because it is eco friendly and made of a unique material, Bamboo. It has a cool design and can serve as a conversation starter. Definitely a memorable parting gift.

MAOFAED Colleague Leaving Gift

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

It is an awesome item to gift your colleague while they are leaving. It will recall him/her about you everyday.

First Sip Brew Box

This product was recommended by Dennis Guy from First Sip Brew Box

Looking for a unique gift for your clients or employees? Look no further! First Sip Brew Box is a craft beer subscription box company that doesn’t ship beer. We aim to expand your horizons by bringing top breweries and small businesses that know their hops to your door. Every month we feature a different brewery and fill your box with beer gear, branded glasses, stickers, and other amazing swag to build your collection. You will also receive items made from malts and hops. Each box includes something for everyone! For business client purposes, we are able to curate exciting boxes to be used for bulk orders or a one-time gift! In addition, we include a handwritten personal note. This is an exciting and perfect gift for any and every business client or employee.

Going Away Gift For Coworker

This product was recommended by Lisamarie Monaco from InsuranceForBurial

When a coworker leaves an office, it’s usually a pretty saddening day. When you come to work 40+ hours a week, the people surrounding you become more like family. Typically you’ll be close enough to crack a few jokes, and you’ll want them to know they’re special to you. A great goodbye gift that will get you a few laughs is a custom mug that says “Goodluck finding better co-workers than us!”

Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints

This product was recommended by Bryan Leeds from Viter Energy

Viter Energy Mints are strong breath mints with caffeine and B vitamins. They help keep you alert in the office when you need a quick boost and keep your breath feeling fresh and clean.

Metal Desktop Clock Pencil Holder

This product was recommended by Jessica Miller from Bike Inquire

A wonderful going away gift for coworkers that pursue success with zest, help them seize the day on their new journey with this exquisite holder. Made of all-metal, the soft Z curve shape design blends art, fashion, and life quality into a simple and sophisticated high-end desktop pen holder. Versatile, unique, and beautiful, they will always find a place to display this goodbye gift proudly.

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

This product was recommended by Sandra Hurley from Hayden Girls

Fountain pens are always a very classy gift, regardless of who the giftee is, and where they’re heading next. Even if they don’t use it now, it’s a timeless item that will always serve them well, so it’s not like a funny knickknack they’ll throw away next week. Plus, even if they don’t like it, it’s a beautiful item that is easy to regift, unlike a giant mug that says “Goodbye Chris”.

Written by James Jackson


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