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5 Appropriate Mother’s Day Gifts For A Mom With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimers changes a people, and the way you celebrate. Help your mom enjoy mother’s day with a special gift!

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If someone close to you is diagnosed with alzheimer’s, the way holidays are celebrated is bound to change. It might be difficult to choose what to buy when your close one is changing. We have picked out the gifts that are surely going to be appreciated by your mom, which is a very special feeling to experience as her condition progresses.

#1 Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces
Xpand is the original no-tie elastic shoelace system that allows you to turn any shoe, sneaker or boot into slip-ons. Xpand ensures that you never have to tie your shoelaces ever again!

The Xpand Lacing System works on all kids and adults shoes including sneakers, running shoes, boots, high-tops. There are over 40 colors to choose from, including reflective laces and glow-in-the-dark.

Here are a some facts about Xpand:

  • Loved by athletes, parents, kids whose laces keep coming undone, pregnant moms, seniors with limited mobility and everyone in between
  • Over 1 million pairs sold worldwide since 2015
  • Featured product on QVC
  • Available in retail stores in over 30 countries
  • Official Shoelace of Tough Mudder Toronto
  • Received invitation to appear on Shark Tank
  • Awarded Amazon’s Choice for Best Lacing System

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#2 What I Love About You, Mom by Kate and David Marshall

What I Love About You, Mom by Kate and David Marshall
Follow the writing and fill-in-the-blank prompts in this attractive journal to paint a picture in words of the many ways your mom helped you growing up, of favorite times together, how you remember her, what you enjoy about time together now, and of how much she means to you and others. Treasure the stories together. This is one of a series of keepsake journals by Kate and David Marshall that help families communicate (nearly one million sold).

Find out more or buy this product here

#3 Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter

Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter
A perfect gift for loved ones with Alzheimers disease (and their often overwhelmed caregivers). Subconscious Power not only calms readersfrom anxiety, fear and paranoia but harkens to that special part of the mind (the subconscious) that is best explained as ‘the you inside of you’ we never lose. Simple andeasy-to-do exercises (each 3 minutes or less) with a caregiver or alone can show readers that the most elemental part of the mind is active, responsive and able to process.

Our tendency with those suffering is to focus on what is lost however this best-selling book Subconscious Power focuses on what remains just under the surface of the conscious mind, the most important subconscious. Anxiety, fear and lucid moments come and go in the minds of the afflicted and with the help of this book, stories and lessons, the entire family can gain insight and help with triggers, mindset and outcome.

These techniques have been used by Hollywood’s top stars, titans of industry and readers worldwide to overcome obstacles before they ever begin. 100% natural, organic, sustainable and non-invasive. Experience why guided hypnotic trance has become the new go-to for those suffering with anxiety, fear and memory loss. The answer lies deep within the comfort of the subconscious mind.

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#4 CoreCumin – Liquid Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

CoreCumin - Liquid Turmeric Curcumin Supplement
The Cogninurish product combines chelates the gut is toxins. The Corecumin products provides micilized liquid turmeric to add anti inflammatory turmeric to repair the brain gut connection

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#5 Burst The Whitening Sonic Toothbrush

Burst The Whitening Sonic Toothbrush
Give the gift if a whiter, brighter, healthier smile. These would be a perfect gift for someone with Alzheimer’s because the toothbrushes on a subscription plan. No more having to remember what kind of toothbrush you have to get a replacement head at the store. No more having to remember when to change your toothbrush. Everything is automatically done for you and shipped straight to your door. We also have great stocking stuffers such as our whitening strips, travel case and toothpaste.

You can also offer your readers my promo codes save them money! The BURST sonic toothbrush is the perfect gift for anyone. This unique sonic electric toothbrush comes in black, white or beautiful rose gold. It features black charcoal bristles which help naturally whiten teeth. The bristles are long, thin and tapered and designed to clean hard to reach areas better. It is extremely powerful at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. It has a teeth WHITENING mode, sensitive mode and gum massage mode. it has a super strong lithium battery that lasts a minimum of four weeks and charges via USB charger. Lifetime warranty. Toothbrush replacement heads are automatically delivered to your door via subscription for only $6 for the black or white or $7 for the rose gold with free shipping. You can share my promo code with your readers to give them $30 off. This makes the black or white brush only $39.99 and the rose gold toothbrush $69.99 (rose gold comes with a travel case).

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