6 Wholesome Handmade Textile Gifts That Transform Interior Spaces 2019

These friendly looking gifts are fun, organic and last a lifetime. No reason to skip!

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Handmade things are all about those perfect imperfections that make them appear so much more friendly compared to all those clinical products that are mass-produced.

They are usually made with care and attention to last a while. These gifts are great because they won’t be thrown away after a week and will look good no matter their age. Don’t miss out!

#1 Foxy Baby Fabric Rattle

Foxy Baby Fabric Rattle
This is a sweet handmade keepsake for a baby’s first Christmas gift or a gift for mom-to-be. It’s made of soft linen fabric with a gentle jingle bell stuffed inside and crinkle ears that baby will be sure to love. Hand embroidered stitching on the face makes this a unique and one of a kind gift!

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#2 Extrafeel doormat

Extrafeel doormat
Our product is make by 100% all natural Polypropylene felt surface PVC backing doormat rug carpet that durable, strong and heavy duty.polypropylene fabric is fast drying to help keep your mat and floors clean and dry.Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage,Absorbs moisture,Easy to clean and maintenance .Low profile design for doorways and resists mud. Most important it handmade product.

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#3 Lion ThumbThings Handmade Finger Puppets

Lion ThumbThings Handmade Finger Puppets
“ThumbThings Finger Puppets make great inexpensive gift ideas for just about everyone, even grown-ups love them just as much as kids do! They are perfect for holiday stockings, long car rides or plane trips, for bringing story time alive, or just to have some fun at the office! ThumbThings Finger Puppets fit into an envelope with a greeting card so they are easy to send to someone you love!

There are over 200 adorable characters to collect, trade and share! Kids will put down their electronic gadgets and spend hours interacting and playing pretend games with each other, all while learning valuable social skills. Finger puppets excite the imagination and inspire creativity!”

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#4 Ankara (African Wax Print) Frames

Ankara (African Wax Print) Frames
Ankara/Wax Print Photo Frames are wood frames covered in African Wax Print, also known as Ankara. They hang on the wall with a leather strap and are beautiful, colorful additions to any home where travel and culture are appreciated.

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#5 Laska Organic Baby Blankets

Laska Organic Baby Blankets
I’m an advocate for products that enhance our health and wellness while building stronger hearts and minds. Laska (Kindness in Russian) creates products like blankets and apparel that are both gentle enough for baby skin and strong enough to protect. Laska provides many solutions:
  • The blanket protects and swaddles baby so tightly she sleeps longer – giving sleep-deprived parents a few more hours to catch their breath.
  • Encourages motor skill development through its colorful ribbon attachment which sparks curiosity and play while stimulating their growing minds.
  • 100% organic cotton that’s made to last for years. It’s the perfect security blanket

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#6 Guatemalan Native Comalapa Catchall Coin Box Tray

Guatemalan Native Comalapa Catchall Coin Box Tray
Made from handwoven Comalapa tipico textiles by the female artisans of Guatemala following ancient weaving techniques that according to Mayan mythology originated from Ixchel, the Maya Goddess of fertility and procreation. The back is made of full grain leather with rustic brass metal snaps. Once clipped together, the tray measures 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Perhaps a fresh take on textile gifts, this beautifully handcrafted valet tray will be put to good use housing keys and spare change.

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