6 Best Gifts To Kickstart Your Basic Training

Tough gifts to make you tough on someone’s basic training away

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Bootcamp is intense and exhausting business. We have all the respect for both enthusiasts and newbies going away for a week or more to kick their bodies into shape.

This list is all you ever need to consider to inspire someone to make the most of their basic training programme.

#1 DryFoxCo Quick-Dry Compact Travel Towel

DryFoxCo Quick-Dry Compact Travel Towel
DryFoxCo has reinvented the towel with compact travelers in mind making them lightweight, absorbent and quick drying. Plus they’re the ONLY towel with a zip water resistant pocket for securely concealing your valuables.

Our towels are made of the softest microfiber with the perfect XL size for covering your entire body after a shower. Weighing only 8 oz, they easily fit in a backpack or carry on bag.

Our towels are high quality making them economical and environmentally smart..

I recently did a show by Fort Drum base in NY and had numerous soldiers tell me how important it is to have a small, quick drying towel like ours. Plus we launch our new camo and stripes design in September (see attached). They’re definitely a must have for basic training!

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#2 Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag

Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag
When you or your loved one is headed off to basic military training, there is not much extra you will be instructed to bring with you to training other than some bare necessities. I recommend a good durable duffle bag to bring to basic with you, this is useful to being all required items and can be used long after leaving basic training and very thoughtful because how it will be used. Something rugged and affordable, yet stylish will be much appreciated by your soon to be service member.

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#3 Stainless Steel Travel Mug Tumbler

Stainless Steel Travel Mug Tumbler
This will definitely keep everyone’s favorite drink all throughout the day. This will save all the hassle of cleaning your bag because this is 100% leak proof. Who wants to keep their fruit juice ice-cold? Who wants to keep their chocolate drink hot all for hours? EVERYONE of course! This product is for everyone and is perfect for this hot season.

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#4 The Beginnings turmeric protein bar

The Beginnings turmeric protein bar
Of course, good training can’t be imagines without a healthy and protein-rich snack!

This turmeric bar is 100% natural, gluten-free, additive free and vegan protein bar made from nuts & fruits. It has a sweet taste of coconut and subtle notes of turmeric. Turmeric has been long-known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties which is a great benefits during sports.

With the added plant protein and turmeric, this bar makes the perfect quick and healthy snack, especially for those with active lifestyle. Plus it’s so easy to carry a few bars with you.

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#5 Leatherman Multitool

Leatherman Multitool
A Leatherman multitool is an incredibly useful tool for those in the armed forces. They’re a necessity when cleaning your weapon and 16 tools will come in handy more times than you can count. Having a sharp knife and pliers on hand is never a bad thing. Leatherman is the king of multi-tools and has a fantastic reputation in the armed forces.

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#6 Finish Strong Cooling Towel

Finish Strong Cooling Towel
Keep spirits strong in basic training with this cooling towel. Simply wet, wring, and wear. This towel allows surrounding air to stimulate cooling, while remaining dry to the touch.

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