12 Essential Gifts Every New Driver Needs

Car accessories that make driving so much more convenient, books, and more!

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Driving is an important aspect of our lives to get right, but it’s also a fun hobby to get into once you get your first car.

This list has a bit of everything, with fun books on important characters in the car world, such as F1 drivers, as well as useful signs that advertise that you’re new to the roads.

#1 Dragonfly Finders Key Purse®

Dragonfly Finders Key Purse®
Finders Key Purse(r) decorates the outside of a bag while preventing keys or a fob from falling to the bottom of the purse. It is not only a wonderful convenience to be able to easily locate your keys and grab them instantly, but it is a safety feature as well. We should all have our keys in hand when coming or going to prevent any unforeseen issue while digging around in your bag looking for those keys!

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#2 Propolis Raw Honey Lip Balm

Propolis Raw Honey Lip Balm
They are effective in fighting allergy (spring and fall) symptoms naturally and they are antibacterial, immune support (to prevent kids from flu and cold season, great back to school item) , 100% natural; Gluten Free;Non-GMO;Pesticide Free;Free from additives & colorants & preservatives products. Bee and you products have Innovative taste options for kids and adults. And they are on sale at 3000 CVS stores nationally +Amazon..Also, they save the bees by contracting the bee keepers!

The Founder is a female scientist who cured her son’s disease with her research and BEE and YOU products she developed.They even have an edible lipbalm made with raw honey, & propolis:

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#3 Fridge Magnet Pet Dog Lover

Fridge Magnet Pet Dog Lover
New drivers would love to style there car up with some fun magnets.Many different styles to chose from. These magnets are fun accessory to add and cheer up any body who joins them for the ride.

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#4 Multi-Function Folding Telescopic Barrel Trash Can

Multi-Function Folding Telescopic Barrel Trash Can
This is a nice gift for any messy new driver in your life. Designed to fit into a car cup holder, this tiny trash can provides a neat and tidy way to dispose of receipts, parking passes, food wrappers, or other detritus. This is an especially nice gift for any new driver who just got a new car and wants to keep it mint.

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#5 Velvet Paper Facial Tissue Box Cover Holder with Strap for Cars

Velvet Paper Facial Tissue Box Cover Holder with Strap for Cars
This is a perfect item for cars as it comes with strap for you to hook them onto headrests. It feels soft and looks fantastic!

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#6 Four Wheel Fetish by John Dyble

Four Wheel Fetish by John Dyble
I could never understand whatever induced me to buy a car purely on the basis of economy; a car that is far too small, practically not drive-able, nearly wobbles over from a puff of wind or cornering at 5 miles an hour and is the butt of endless jokes.

You need to have the constitution of a rock lizard to live with a car which proclaims to be smart but isn’t.

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#7 You Don’t Have to Be a Champion… to Be a Winner! by Brian Sims

You Don't Have to Be a Champion... to Be a Winner! by Brian Sims
From fitting wheels to wheelbarrows in a builders’ merchant, Brian rapidly climbed the business ladder and became a Xerox salesman. He was unaware that the professional selling skills he was learning would one day propel him in to the glamorous and overtly commercial world of F1.

A disastrous debut at a racing driver school was the spark that lit his passion for motor racing. Aware of the need for some serious financial backing to be able to take part, Brian embarked on a variety of highly innovative and often extremely entertaining ways of securing sponsorship, including working with the cast of a top 1970’s BBC sit-com, as well as with John Cleese, of Monty Python fame. A chance meeting on a plane with Max Mosley offered an opportunity of managing one of the most popular F1 Grand Prix circuits.

This, in turn, led to the heady heights of a factory drive for Mercedes and the establishment of South Africa’s first racing driver school. It was only a matter of time before Brian’s exceptional sponsorship-acquisition skills took him to F1, where he quickly made a name for himself by securing multi-million pound deals with three of the most sought after global corporations.

However, Brian’s greatest achievement in motorsport was to establish the Motorsport Industry Association in 1994, in a bid to secure Government recognition of the industry in its own right. Once again, Brian’s sales skills played a key role. Without ever becoming a household name as a motor racing champion, Brian’s story of how he most definitely became a winner is not only inspirational, but highly entertaining, amusing, often irreverent and informative. You Don’t Have to Be a Champion to Be a Winner is the story of Brian Sims, who left school in 1963 with just 5 GCE O-Levels and a shattered dream of following in his father’s footsteps as a Royal Air Force pilot.

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#8 In the Driving Seat by Richard Ide

In the Driving Seat by Richard Ide
The third generation of his family to work in the motoring industry, Richard Ide’s spectacular career took him from apprentice fitter at Vauxhall Motors in the 1950s to the Head of Volkswagen Group UK in the 1990s, during which period he was responsible for turning around the fortunes of six motoring businesses in the intervening forty years.

Writing with the clarity, perceptiveness and sense of purpose that were the hallmarks of his management style, Ide keeps his often pioneering achievements in perspective, giving due weight to his occasional business failures and taking care to acknowledge the vital importance of the various teams he worked with during his career.

While the book provides many fascinating business insights, the sheer verve of Ide’s writing guarantees that it is far from a mere recitation of management-speak. He provides evocative, often humorous portraits of his colleagues, delivers a vivid history lesson about motoring’s early days and captures that extraordinary time in post-war motor racing – which became an absorbing, if expensive, hobby for him in his late teens and early twenties – when legendary figures like Fangio and Stirling Moss risked their lives on a regular basis.

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#9 The Green Badge of Knowledge by Tony Davidson

The Green Badge of Knowledge by Tony Davidson
An Oxton cockney and proud of it, Tony Davidson speaks in East End vernacular, giving the lowdown on a childhood of tough love among London’s street allegiances and hard ethics. Be prepared for boxing showdowns, adventures on ‘bird’-pulling holidays and Friday-night pub confrontations with the ‘Oxton Mob’.

Nearly barbecued while working ‘on the gas’, Davidson decides to strive for the ‘real deal’: to become a London black cab driver. He shares the pain and comradeship of that elite group working together for The Knowledge. Cabbie life depends on a network of tough mates protecting each other’s backs against some dodgy characters.

Hilarious and tender stories teem from the driver-passenger relationship, and between driving the frail, funny and famous, he tells of struggles with alcohol, the taxman, family life and the courts of so-called justice. Davidson’s humour floods the book, and despite sobering obstacles, his strength and loyalties shine through.

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#10 Prang by David Finchley

Prang by David Finchley
Born into a poor, working class family, Mac has worked hard and now has almost everything he could want: a happy, although childless, marriage, a successful career and the prospect of a vast inheritance that will mean he never has to worry about money again. What could possibly go wrong?

Driving home from the dealers in his new car, a minor collision with a learner driver sets in motion a chain of events that threatens everything he holds dear, and a face he hasn’t seen for over twenty years brings back memories of the one mistake he’d rather forget.

Can he hold on to his marriage and the inheritance while recognising the son he never knew he had?

It’s a moral dilemma for the erstwhile playboy who has, up till now, managed to give up most of his old habits and stay true to his rich wife.

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#11 The Driving Book by Karen Gravelle

The Driving Book by Karen Gravelle
As the owner of a driving school I know first-hand that too many new drivers, and their parents think the learning phase is done when they pass the driving test, and that’s simply not true! New driver’s are still learning and this book provides some helpful knowledge and insight.

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Depending on the new driver in question, this could either be a good gag gift or an actually-valuable tool. Some new drivers are super nervous and feel constantly judged by other drivers. This could help other motorists recognize when a new driver is struggling and pressure them less, which could lead to fewer errors. Otherwise, it’s just funny to antagonize them by slapping on their car now and again.

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