Zestful Gifts That Begin with The Letter Z

Top gifts starting with the 26th letter of the alphabet.

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“Z” might be the last letter of the alphabet, but it’s an elder. Three-thousand years ago the Phoenicians used a letter called “zayin,” meaning “ax.” It looked like an uppercase “I” with top and bottom serifs. The Greeks adopted it as “zeta” around 800 BC, when it evolved into our modern “Z” shape (and also led to the creation of our “G”) with the sound of “dz.” The letter fell into disuse for several centuries, until the Norman French arrived with words that used the “Z” sound.

Last but not least come the Omega to the Alphabet’s Alpha. What are your expectations of anything starting with the letter Z aside from “don’t know what to expect”? Only thing you should be expecting when going into this list of zestful gifts that begin with the letter Z is “prepared to be surprise”-kind of expectation, check them out.

#1 Z Button Sleep Relaxation Device for Kids

Z Button Sleep Relaxation Device for Kids
Bedtime for kids doesn’t have to be a battle anymore! Now you can put your child to sleep with one push of a button. The Z Button does the heavy lifting, getting your child relaxed and ready to drift to off to sleep. It plays a calming meditation designed especially for children ages 3-10, relaxing the entire body. This 15-minute soundtrack with a gentle female voice and soothing background music will make bedtime a snap. Parents can regain control of their evenings instead of losing tempers, lying next to children until they fall asleep (at last), etc. Simply have your child lie down in bed, let her push the button on her own… and you’re off duty!

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#2 Zebra Animal Spirit Necklace

Zebra Animal Spirit Necklace
This necklace would make a great gift for a young girl who loves zebras, like my daughters do. It also comes with a card containing the description of this animal’s spirit – individualism. Other animals are also available.

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#3 ZeroWater On-The-Go Portable Filtration Tumbler

ZeroWater On-The-Go Portable Filtration Tumbler
5 stage water filtration on the go. This little thing makes sure that you’re drinking clean, great tasting water wherever you are, and you get to lessen your plastic use to boot.

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