Ostentous Gifts That Begin with The Letter O

Top gifts starting with the 15th letter of the alphabet.

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“O” starts its life on Egyptian hieroglyphs (around the time as “M” and “N”) as “eye.” Semites called it “ayin,” but with a guttural sound that sounds like “ch” (think Hebrew name Chaim). The Phoenicians reduced the eye to just the outline of a pupil, our “O.”

It is curious and quite funny that the letter “O” started named as “Eye”, the phonetical pronunciation of “I”, another bowel that its ways intrinsically related to “O” (just as “A” and “E” are). Eye c what u did there, Egyptians.

Regardless of the curiosities of its origins, if you want to catch eyes and make them say “O”-M-G to your prospects, gift them any of these ostentous gifts that start with “O”. Obviously, they’ll make an outstanding show of your generosity.

#1 Omigo

From the heated seat and LED nightlight to the endless warm water wash and air dryer, Omigo offers the ultimate in luxury and comfortable cleaning after going to the bathroom.

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#2 Onsen Open Air Bath Tea

Onsen Open Air Bath Tea
ONSEN Open Air Matcha Bath Tea was truly inspired by the hot springs of Northern Japan. The tea, herbs, and essential oils used in Open Air mimic the Rotenburo, or Open Air Hot Spring.

Dead Sea salts enrich your water with therapeutic minerals, while soothing, skin loving, detoxifying Matcha Tea enfolds you. Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Sage not only grace your body with a melody of benefits, but fill you with calm and relaxation. Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Evergreen, Lavender and Mint create the fresh woodsy fragrance of an Open Air Bath right in your own house.

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#3 Ouija Board Game

Ouija Board Game
If they love the occult, then this staple from horror movies would be a great gift. Whether they believe in being able to talk to those on the other side or just enjoy playing with friends with the help of a little ideomotor effect (when your body subconsciously moves or makes small involuntary movements), this Ouija board makes a great centrepiece and conversation starter in any home.

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