Gleeful Gifts That Begin with The Letter G

Top gifts starting with the 7th letter of the alphabet.

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‘G’ came from ‘zeta’ letter of the Greeks. In the beginning, it looked like an ‘I’, but the pronunciation made a ‘zzz’ sound. The Romans changed its shape around 250 BC, giving it top and lower arms and a ‘g’ sound. Latin did not have a ‘z’ sound. In the course of its development, the straight lines became curved, ending with its present crescent shape.

Thanks to Hip-Hop culture the letter “G” will be forever associated with the “gangsta” or “gangster” subculture, way of life, or to just say something is gangsta (i.e. cool). In honor of that, we present you a list of gleeful gifts that start with “G” so you can make someone’s day a little bit more “G” (meaning cool), check them out.

#1 Giraffe Dotty Canvas Birth Announcement

Giraffe Dotty Canvas Birth Announcement
Celebrate his or her birth with a custom canvas birth announcement. The adorable giraffe icon will match perfectly with both themed or neutral nursery decor. And with all the important birth statistics, this polka dot canvas print makes a wonderful keepsake for a lifetime long after they’ve grown out of diapers and cribs. A beautiful baby gift or even a birthday gift. They will love seeing the information all about them as they grow up.

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#2 G-Hold – Comfort Holder Works

G-Hold - Comfort Holder Works
G-Hold is a comfortable and ergonomic handhold which makes viewing easier on the tablet, prevents dropping by accident and reduces the effort to hold it for longer time. It is lightweight, ultra-slim and rotates 360 degrees. Works with all tablets and it is the perfect gift if you know someone hooked to his/her tablet or e-reader.

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#3 GO by Scentsy

GO by Scentsy
Our new Scentsy Go battery operated system is designed to give you instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere, on the go! At Scentsy we know that home is anywhere your favourite Scentsy fragrance is – so now it goes with you. So we’ve designed the ultimate home-away-from-home Scentsy experience – perfect for car, hotels rooms, camping etc. The Scentsy Go is battery operated and rechargeable so you can be truly mobile and smell awesome. We offer two types of Go – the original and the New Scentsy Go Soild.

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#4 Gummies CBDCBD Gummies

“CBD is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the wellness and beauty industries and there is no better gift than Veritas Farms CBD Gummies!

The gummies are chewy CBD edibles are made with CBD isolate and organic ingredients, including a naturally delicious mixed-berry flavour. These will certainly be your new favourite sweet snack! The CBD gummies are also available with added Melatonin to support a healthy sleep cycle. ($34.99) ”

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#5 Grits Old Mill of Guilford

Grits Old Mill of Guilford
Grits are a Southern food staple, but the Old Mill of Guilford brings a special touch of history and care to their grits-unbleached and stone-ground from local corn with no preservatives added. Plus, every bag is hand packed for you. This water-powered grist mill is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and produces all-natural, stone-ground, whole grain foods, just as it has for over 240 years.

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#6 Gusto Di Roma Premium Italian Gift Package

Gusto Di Roma Premium Italian Gift Package
Gusto di Roma is a premium Italian gift packaging and monthly food delivery service. Packages include gourmet, non-perishable, ready-to-eat food from Italy that’s very difficult to find.

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#7 Ginkgo & Grace

Ginkgo & Grace
Ginkgo & Grace is currently the ONLY gift / subscription box of beauty and skin care curated especially for *mature* women! Each box features brands that care about our planet and utilise natural ingredients in their products, and most are actually giving back. The contents are artfully presented and appropriate for any age, but older women will appreciate the absence of glittery eyeshadow and acne remedies, focusing rather on moisturiser and anti-aging products. The perfect gift to delight the woman who has everything!

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#8 GO Set from WE Games

GO Set from WE Games
It’s a great Asian board game that you could learn to play with a friend and while away your time in strategising to beat the other.

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#9 Games For Lovers by Cynthia MacGregor and Amanda Glass

Games For Lovers by Cynthia MacGregor and Amanda Glass
“This helpful book offers not only games to play in bed but also games to play before you get in bed and games to help you know each other’s tastes better.

For new lovers and established lovers, for creative lovers and for lovers whose sex lives could use a little lift. These are not kinky or exotic games, but rather fun and interesting games that any couple will feel comfortable indulging in to rekindle those fires, improve that relationship, and turn the heat up just a notch or two in the bedroom. ”

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