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Best Novelty Cow Gifts For 2020

Whether you’re a farmer or not, the fun in these gifts never stops!

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These cow-themed gifts are great because of one thing. They’re perfect for child and adult to bond over their love for their love for nature.

In today’s modernized world, it’s important to remember the animals that are supporting our society. It’s hard to visit farms these days, so the gifts in this list are the next best thing.

We’ve got fun stories, cow-themed outfits and that recognizable cow pattern everywhere. Get your

Poppy the Cow and the Milk Thief by Robert Kay

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Poppy the cow, innocently watching the world go by, decides it is time to figure out what happens to her milk and who takes it and why. She sets out on a mission to find out. With the help of her friends on the farm, Poppy hopes to find answers. Will Poppy find out who the milk thief is?

Klara the Skating Cow by Linda Frietman

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Farmer Groot often jokes that Klara, his white-and-black Friesian cow, is more trouble that she’s worth, but he is really very fond of his good-natured cow. Klara has a mind of her own, which often gets her into tricky and humorous situations. After being in her barn all winter, Klara is bored and looking forward to the taste of fresh, green grass again and decides to go in search of it.

Once in the meadow, she is confronted with a world that is cold and white. After borrowing two pairs of red clogs from the farm next door to keep her hooves warm, she ends up on the frozen canal. With some slipping and sliding and a strong wind, she finds herself being blown along the canal, and this is where her skating adventure begins.

Klara the Flying Cow by Linda Frietman

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

When Farmer Groot’s horse needed new shoes, Klara, his black-and-white cow, didn’t seem to think it very fair and grumbled that she never had anything new. But little did she know that Farmer Groot was planning a big birthday surprise for her, and he looked forward to inviting most of the village for a party in his meadow. Keeping secrets from Klara was never easy, but with a little help from Farmer Klein, his next-door neighbour, they came up with a clever plan to keep her well away from all the party preparations.

On Klara’s birthday, Farmer Groot could hardly wait to show her his surprise. In the meadow, a long party table stretched nearly all the way to the old windmill. Balloons fluttered in the wind, and the farmers were relieved and happy that everything had been finished on time. But they should have known that anything involving Klara would never go quite according to plan. Who could have ever imagined that Klara would end up doing something so unexpected and extraordinary that it would be talked about for a long time to come?

Matching couples t shirts

Gift recommended by Eliska Parizkova from BeMine.

Looking for a great gift for your love? You are looking for matching couples shirts! Original gift that will make your love happy. Brighten up your days in our matching shirts and make every day special!

Vast Vantages Insulated Water Bottle

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from Insurantly.

This insulated bottle will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The cow print exterior stays room temperature, so you won’t have to worry about condensation and leaving cup rings on furniture. It’s also a good size for fitting well in cup holders.

Game Cows Moo? T-Shirt

Gift recommended by Bryan Truong from GameCows.

How did we come up with the name GameCows? Cows are social creatures and love to be around and interact with others. A happy cow will frolic and play with anyone. Plus, Kendra just really likes cows for some reason. Other than publishing articles, we also sell shirts with a graphic of cows involved.

Written by James Jackson


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