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Best Lockdown Gifts in Etsy – Great Gift Ideas For Anyone

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts in Etsy. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Vaccine Cardholder Waterproof Protector

This product was recommended by Dani Brennan from Seed Sprout Bloom Co.

We created this product to protect vulnerable paper vaccine cards. As things start opening up, we need to carry vaccination proof for travel and large events, protecting this precious card is crucial!

I Miss Your Face Scented Candles

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

This is a beautiful gift to let the other person know that you are thinking about them. You can pick any or a combination of the different available scents ideal for different activities.

Inspirational Tree of Life Leather Bracelets for Women

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Leather bracelets are usually comfortable to wear, and you can gift any of your daughters or granddaughters. Many of these bracelets usually have a great message that shows love, adoration, and well wishes.

Pomina Floral Flower Bib Necklace

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

What a unique way to show that female loved one that you are thinking about her! These necklaces with floral prints will lighten the mood of your loved one.

100 Things I Love About You: A Journal Paperback

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Books have always been a beautiful gift, and this particular one will keep your loved one engaged during the lockdown period. It will remind them that you love and cherish them.

22 Positive Postcards by Miranda Day

This product was recommended by Caroline Lee from CocoSign

The lockdown has made everyone feel lonely and isolated; thus, giving your loved ones something to make them feel good would for sure would be appreciated. These colorful postcards and the message in them will lighten up the mood of the person you will be sending it to. It will also give positive vibes that will lessen their loneliness, making it a perfect lockdown gift.

Silicone Spatula Set

This product was recommended by SinWi from Hohbeestore

The stainless steel kitchen utensil set is free from rust, corrosion, harmful chemicals or metallic flavors that are usually produced in the cooking process! As for the silicone kitchen utensil set, it is suitable for beginners in the kitchen because it’s non-stick, heat resistant, flexible, and easy to wash!

Cher Necklace

This product was recommended by Kajal Naina from KajalNaina

You are gazing at a source of personal significance whenever you look at a piece of jewelry. Each artwork is brimming with feeling. We meticulously select it and wear it for years, sometimes even our entire lives Made with natural white pearls and a beautiful Rose clasp made with Sterling Silver, a beautiful Cher Necklace will compliment your personality and add to your looks.

Bling Trillion Ring

This product was recommended by Kajal Naina from KajalNaina

There is no denying that a ring is an ideal present for showing your devotion to someone. Any jewelry store has a plethora of rings, which might be confusing if this is your first time buying a ring. The promise ring is one of the most perplexing of them, and many couples have a difficult time finding one when they go ring shopping. Bling Trillion Ring by Kajal Naina is a simple and elegant piece that is easy to match with almost any kind of attire from jeans to LBD.

Bling Circle Earring

This product was recommended by Kajal Naina from KajalNaina

Everyone enjoys wearing earrings as a means of self-expression. It’s a small detail that reveals their character and individuality. This important item is worn to draw attention to your gorgeous hair and facial characteristics. The most effective accessory is Bling Circle Earrings, which bring all attention to your face without overshadowing it.

Donginbi Korean Skin Care Set

This product was recommended by Joseph Pastrana from MannfolkPR

Showcasing everything a man needs to achieve and maintain smooth and sexy skin, Donginbi’s Homme Power collection features a range of products that blend healthy, natural ingredients with its exclusive red ginseng formula. This signature ingredient is a Korean herbal remedy, harvested only after the plant is six years old, and widely acclaimed for its potent properties in the healing and treatment of various conditions.

Call of Duty Black OPS Cold WAR

This product was recommended by Sarah Logan from Bunny Hub

I look after my nephews in the same way as I look after rabbits. I make every effort to ensure that they have as much fun as possible during their childhood. They enjoy playing video games on their consoles. Action shooting games are the ones they want to play the most. I gave them a Call of Duty: Black Ops disk last Christmas. It is a massive multiplayer online shooting game that they can play during lockdown. They love it so much that they shower me with warm embraces and kisses in return. One of my nephews asked if I could give them a copy of Battlefield 6, and I’m delighted that it’s coming out on October. I can’t wait to see their faces light up when I deliver it to them. I always make certain that I offer them the gifts that they will most appreciate.

Lipgloss Chronicles by Mayvis Payne

This product was recommended by Samuella Becker from Tigress PR

Contemplating a new career during lockdown? Aspiring to work in the beauty industry? Mayvis Payne – dishes on her life behind the scenes as a celebrity makeup artist to the stars in her new book, with bonus advice at the end of each chapter for those aspiring to follow in her footsteps. The book’s Foreword was penned by Award-Winning CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Mo Rocca. Mayvis was his makeup artist on the Cooking Channel’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli. Since taking a leap of faith, quitting her corporate job and coming onto the makeup scene in her 40s, Mayvis has worked with actors on film, stage and television sets — along with red carpets and for special events such as the inauguration celebration concert for former President Barack Obama. Those who have sat in her makeup chair include Kerry Washington, Nick Cannon, Jennifer Holliday, Piers Morgan, the late Maya Angelou … and countless others.

Written by James Jackson


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