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Best Gifts Trending With Walkers In 2020

Walkers are all over these gifts fresh for the new year. Jump on the giving train with our list!

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These gifts are perfect companions for mountain scaling friend that you have. They’ve been tested for durability, are designed to be light yet practical, and actually serve a purpose.

As well as gadgets and packs, we’ve also compiled a mini-book collection that motivate the reader to get out there and explore the natural world. The authors capture the relatable wonder of trekking.

As you might guess, there are no wrong choices here – get your pick!

YOUTO Waist Pack and Water Bottle

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from Insurantly.

When you’re exercising, you need to stay hydrated but it’s annoying to hold a water bottle while you’re walking. This belt pack holds a water bottle and a phone. It’s comfortable and keeps water easily accessible.

Surin Yoga Wheel

Gift recommended by Lawrence Teoh from Surin.

Are you looking for a great gift for somebody who loves to go for a sporty walk around the neighbourhood? Check out our SURIN Yoga Wheel. This wheel can make their stamina stronger, and it can help with the back pains. This is durable and it comes with a bag so they can conveniently carry it everywhere. This yoga wheel will remind bae you’re proud of them every time they hit the yoga class or gym.

TREBLAB Xfit – Sensational Truly Wireless Earbuds

Gift recommended by Inna Muravjova from TREBLAB.

These have no cord connecting between them. All the controls, mic, and battery are built into their housing. Killer Sound In Small & Slick Buds – you will get a boost of energy from clear, True-HD sound and deep bass from tiny wireless earbuds with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech. Feel cool and confident on a walk with these best Bluetooth headphones due to IPX6 waterproof rating, custom eartips, compact, chic, soft matte charging case. Pump your walk with these best sport headphones!

Strolling Through Three Counties by Ian Falkner

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

This book is Ian Falkner’s masterpiece, a refreshing strolling adventure through three counties. Three people and a dog go on a short walk around the countryside of Edenbridge. Later, they penetrate into the depths of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The author’s words help paint a vivid picture in the mind’s eye and ignite the reader’s imagination. This book points out some of the most interesting landmarks and viewpoints that he and his friends come across. With information about routes, historical contexts, roads and path names, this gift of a magical and unforgettable tour acts as a useful guide for those who have the spirit of an adventurer and the attitude of an explorer.

Memoirs of a Dog Walker by April Jean Leite

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Broke, facing divorce and bankruptcy, April, aged 35, is facing a dilemma. Her new job at a corporate childcare center, leaves her feeling unfulfilled and empty. Even the pay rise can’t stop her from feeling miserable, especially since she had given up her photography career to support her musician ex-husband. It’s time for a career change, but what can she do? Sitting in Central Park one day with her dog, Frances, April watches dog walkers go by and her new career choice is made.

In spite of discouragement from friends and family with her decision to start a dog walking business, she persists with the idea. April Jean Leite’s Memoirs of a Dog Walker follows her story as her business expands, presenting her with a world of opportunities, including finding love!

The Camino: A Walking Meditation; Images and Reflections by Dr. Brenda Novack

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Have you ever dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? If you have, then this book is a must! If you have not, then you have yet to discover the tremendous opportunity that awaits you. The Camino: A Walking Meditation; Images and Reflections is a powerful, captivating volume of stunning photographic images and deeply insightful commentary that together convey healing wisdom and inspiration derived from the author’s first-hand experience of walking the ancient Camino route across northern Spain.

Brenda Elizabeth Novack’s The Camino is an interactive book designed to maximize the reader’s experience in engaging personally with the evocative beauty and transformative lessons that the Camino lays before your feet and urges you to explore. Whether you travel to Spain or choose to enjoy this unique journey of self-discovery from the comfort of your favourite chair, you are in for an exciting, meaningful and memorable experience.

The WaterField Marquis Crossbody Pouch

Gift recommended by Heidi Marzke from WaterField Designs.

The Marquis Crossbody Pouch is ideal for walkers. The adjustable minimalist sling holds your wallet, keys, phone, sunscreen, and anything else you might want along as you traverse the trails or urban streets. It sits comfortably close to your body while keeping your hands free and your pockets unfettered. Made from durable ballistic nylon and premium, full-grain leather the Marquis wears well with any attire either over or under a jacket.

Written by James Jackson


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