Beautiful Horse Themed Gifts To Wow A Horse Lover

Fact: equestrians love their horse themed gifts as much as they like their horse!

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Equestrians and horse lovers have a beautiful passion for their favorite animals. Horses require love, care and exercise, which creates a strong bond between owner and horse.

These gifts are a great way to wow someone who likes to symbolize their love for their horse. It’s a great way to remember what’s important to them, and a heart warming way of carrying the spirit of their horse when they’re away from the stables.

Laptop Sleeve

This product was recommended by Ashley Johnson from Must Love Horses

Being horse obsessed, we are always on the lookout for the perfect fashion, home goods and gifts that reflect our personality. When we couldn’t find it in the market, we decided the world was ready for Must Love Horses.

Horse Lamp by Iduola

This product was recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics

This is the perfect home décor for the horse-lover in your life. The horse lamp creates a 3D illusion and can switch to up to 7 colors depending on your mood. It has an energy saving mode and is operated by USB for ultimate convenience!

Isabelle Grace Jewelry Horseshoe Necklace

This product was recommended by Claudia Montez from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Keep the open end of your horse shoe pointed up to catch good luck and keep it from running out. The belief of this is that the luck inside the horseshoe will spill or will be lost if pointed downward.

Darby, the Horse from Hope by MC Combs

This product was recommended by Emma Ketteringham from Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC

Darby, the Horse from Hope is a story of how animals can sense and react to the needs of humans. That is why horses have been found to be so successful in providing therapy for people with many different needs. There are horse therapy programs all over the United States. While this story is fiction, what the horses can accomplish is remarkable. Here, Darby deals with the depression experienced by PTSD patients. The story tells how animals can teach patients to feel a sense of worth again and learn more about coping and overcoming the deep sadness with which being in a war has left them. The book also teaches the readers more about the animals and how they can be loving and devoted friends.

Billy’s Adventurous Summer Holiday

This product was recommended by Emma Ketteringham from Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC

Billy Robins is an adventurous eight-year-old kid. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his parents, John and Sara Robins, his baby brother, Kevin, and babysitter, Mary. His grandparents, Josh and Laura Robins, own and live on a farm in upstate New York. Billy has spent many summer holidays on the farm with his parents. However, this summer holiday is a special one for him. His grandpa, Josh, just bought him his first horse and named him Speedo. Billy spends his summer holiday on the farm without his mom and dad for the first time. He has the most amazing time of his life; not only does he ride his horse, Speedo, but he also helps his grandparents around the farm.

I love My Horse Slipper Sock

This product was recommended by Elena Melendez from Pudus

Horse lovers will adore these I Love my Horse Slipper Socks. Featuring ultra-plush Sherpa and anti-slip grippers, they will be sure to pamper and keep your feet cozy.

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