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8 Gifts that Kids Want in 2020

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Knowing what to buy for kids can be difficult, so to make it easy we’ve put together this list of gifts that have been recommended in 2020. There is something for a wide age range of kids in this list, so you should be able to find the perfect item.

modFamily’s My Brick Case

This product was recommended by Julie Cimity from Branding Monster

We know how much your kids love to take their bricks everywhere they go. This case for building blocks can be taken everywhere and anywhere without a hassle. With My Brick Case, you don’t need to fret about stepping on a toy brick ever again. All the tiny little pieces stay in one place and not on the floor. This brick case won’t break or pop open. It is made of shatter-resistant plastic that easily snaps to close the case.

WowWee Untamed Dragon – Shockwave

This product was recommended by Catherine Nichol from 10BabyThings

You can buy Wowwew untamed dragon for your kids, this little dragon toy is quite responsive to your touch, roar and hiss. Kids who take interest in fantasy, like to get a dragon as a present. What I like the most about Shockwave is that it turns into a foe and friend depending on game mode. Once you activate it, it won’t calm down until you pet it. When you turn on its tame mode, it acts as a sweet little puppy kind dragon. Available in four different vibrant shades. This lighting quick dragon is going to become the best mate of your kid very soon.

Kids Blue Light Blockers

This product was recommended by Priscilla Manzo from Topfoxx Eyewear

With the current pandemic situation, more kids are staying home and being homeschooled for their safety. This means that they are exposed to the harmful blue light rays of gadgets they use most of the time, not just for schooling or educational purposes but also for entertainment. Given this, we think our Kids Anti-Blue Light Glasses would make for a great gift, stylish and has benefits for the health.

4moms Bluetooth Baby Swing

This product was recommended by Isheeta Singh from ConsumerMag

It’s not a conventional baby swing, instead of just rocking from side to side, this ingenious high-tech baby swing moves in all different directions to better imitate mom’s soothing arms. Bluetooth enabled swing allows controlling with 5 types of movements remotely.

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

This product was recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics

This gift features a miniature garden in a container which simulates a natural environment. With the help of the LED light under the lid, kids can watch everything grow both during the day and at nighttime. This kit comes with everything you need including an instruction booklet, figures, the jar, a Micro-USB charging cable, and soil. It’s both fun and educational, a gift that any kid would enjoy.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

This product was recommended by Official GoT Merchandise from Official GoT Merchandise

All kids love playing board games with their friends and siblings. Why not surprise them with a GoT-themed game? These games follow the same general rules as the classic board games that we have come to love but with an added twist. This makes for a more interesting night of fun and games with friends or family.

Starks Dire Wolfs Soft toy

This product was recommended by Official GoT Merchandise from Official GoT Merchandise

If you are looking for something more on the softer cuddly side, then consider a Game of Thrones soft toy. We found this awesome box set of the 6 dire wolf cubs. If your kids are a fan of the Starks loyal companions, they will go crazy for a chance to play with Ghost, Nymeria, Grey Wind, Shaggydog, Summer and Lady. These wolfs are soft and decorative, they are about the size of Beany Babies and they come in a beautiful decorative box.

Game of Thrones Music Box

This product was recommended by Official GoT Merchandise from Official GoT Merchandise

If you were a fan of the Game of Thrones music theme then consider getting a GoT music box. With its crisp clear sound and beautiful design, the music box is one f our favorite picks.

Written by James Jackson


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