24 Best Post-Lockdown Gifts For Teachers

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts For Teachers. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Small Indoor Gardening Tool Set

This product was recommended by Gina Harper from Harper’s Nurseries

As teachers are spending more time at home during the lockdown, this cute indoor gardening tool set is an ideal gift. The set features pruners, snips, rake, trowel, and shovel and comes with its own canvas tote bag. The glass spray bottle is another handy accessory perfect for indoor gardening. What better way to relax during lockdown than tending to houseplants.

Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This product was recommended by Brandon Wachs from Shark Eyes

Since the transition to online teaching during the lockdown, a practical gift makes sense. Extended hours in front of a computer screen can be tiring and cause headaches and eye strain. With this in mind, a pair of blue light blocking glasses would make their working day a whole lot more comfortable. This retro design by Livho helps reduce the harmful effects of extended screen time. A perfect gift for your favorite teacher and they look pretty stylish too.

Legend Planner PRO

This product was recommended by Kryz Uy from KryzUy

My thought for a lockdown gift for teachers is something of great value. I am suggesting this product as I know how they like keeping their tasks organized. Owning a planner to write your ideas is good. This helps you achieve a work-life balance and motivates you to be on top of your goals.

Granola and Coffee Variety Basket

This product was recommended by John Peterson from Safe Drive Gear

Teachers deserve some healthy treats! I would give this gourmet gift that includes luxury coffee and our all-time favorite Granola bar snacks. It’s perfect when they want to take a break from their online classes.

NexiGo 1080P Webcam

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

In this pandemic and lockdown period, everything has changed. Now you don’t have to go to your college and school to attend lectures. Everything has become virtual. But, for your teacher, it might be hard to record the lectures and conduct the online classes with an old webcam. A new generation FHD webcam would be the best gift for your teacher. The NexiGo 1080P Webcam is one of the best webcams that you can gift to your teacher. It has auto noise cancellation that your teacher can use to record top-quality live videos with clear sound.

SassyCups Best Teacher Ever Tumbler

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

The SassyCups “Best Teacher Ever” tumbler would be the best gift for the teachers. It will help her to retain the desired temperature of the drink and help her stay hydrated at work. This 22 oz mint-colored tumbler is made-up of kitchen-grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated with a slide-closed lid. This tumbler has the Best Teacher Ever engraved on it, and it makes this a perfect gift for all the teachers.

SnackNation Healthy Snack Box

This product was recommended by Shelly Peel from SocialMum

Teachers are unsung heroes. They’ve changed many lives and influenced students in many ways. My gift idea to them would be this subscription box. It may be a small present, but it most definitely symbolizes appreciation and love. And it’s a perfect set of snacks during a lockdown.

Teacher Mask Gift

This product was recommended by Yuuna Morishita from The Japanese Way

Very comfortable and No foggy glasses once teachers wear that mask. It comes with filters. Also, the point here, it’s really fun for a teacher gift to get back to school after the lockdown.

Chulianyouhuo All The Cool Kids are Reading Book Shirt

This product was recommended by Kasey Monohan from ThreadCurve

One great lockdown gift for teachers is this adorable shirt that says All the cool kids are reading that is only $16.99. It’s a great gift because it is affordable, and your teacher will love having a funny, cute T-Shirt to wear when teaching Zoom class, as well as in their closet ready to wear in-person when they are able to come back into the classroom again. Comfy Zoom outfits are always appreciated for teachers, especially during this lockdown time.

SoClean Device Disinfector

This product was recommended by Kelly from SoClean

The SoClean Device Disinfector is designed to kill 99.9% of germs and viruses on smartphones, jewelry, remotes, ear buds and other items. But the current hack is to place a damp rag into the machine to “soak up” the activated oxygen in just a few minutes. The result is a rag that can kill germs, viruses or bacteria, and can be used again and again (by repeating its deposit into the device). Activated oxygen is much more effective at killing germs than UV light since it “envelops” a surface, whereas UV can only kill what it “sees.”

SoClean Air Purifier

This product was recommended by Kelly from SoClean

The SoClean Air Purifier or the Device Disinfector get straight A’s for their ability to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and more. Today’s work-from-home teacher can use a device that either cleans the air they breathe or kills germs from the pens, phones, remotes and markers they’re using all day. Proven to effectively capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the SoClean Air Purifier is 3,000 times more effective than HEPA standards, and kills 99.999999% of airborne viruses and bacteria. (The sleek and portable air purifier can move from room to room, and even be placed in the backseat of the car to freshen the stale air.)

Bold Made – The Wildly Popular Old Maid Upgrade Card Game

This product was recommended by Leslie Pierson from Bold Made

Bold Made flips the script on Old Maid and includes bold women who made huge impacts on our world and has a more aspirational goal of ending the game with the Bold Made card. The perfect way to learn about amazing women during Women’s History Month!

Taco vs Burrito – The Wildly Popular Surprisingly Strategic Card Game

This product was recommended by Leslie Pierson from Bold Made

Wildly popular and surprisingly strategic game created by a 7-year-old that has taken the card game industry by storm. With over 5000 five star reviews, Taco vs Burrito sold a whopping $3.5 million in 2020. It’s perfect for kids, adults and families alike!

GoodHangups Damage Free Magnetic Poster

This product was recommended by Leslie Pierson from Bold Made

Say goodbye to holes in your wall or tack holes in you poster and prints. GoodHangups is a magnetic hanging system that turns any wall into a magnet board. It works on All surfaces including brick, concrete and textured walls!

Wooden Music Box for Teacher

This product was recommended by Steve Johnson from Boot Mood Foot

We can say things are not going back to normal anytime soon. We are still facing threats and most likely to continue with remote learning for a year or two. Teachers take a lot of challenges since virtual class became the means of education. The lockdown gift I would give is this Teacher Appreciation Day Music Box. It has a melodic sound that plays, with no battery needed. But the best thing is the message on the box. It will keep reminding the teacher of her influence on her students.

Xpand Original No-Tie Shoelaces

This product was recommended by Anthony Banh from Xpand Laces

Going outside to move your body and breathe in fresh air has become a daily routine for many during the covid-19 lockdowns. Give the gift of convenience and comfort with Xpand! Xpand is the original no-tie elastic shoelace system that allows you to turn any shoe, sneaker, or boot into a slip-on. Xpand ensures that you never have to tie your shoelaces ever again! There are over 20 colors to choose from, including reflective and glow-in-the-dark laces.

HUION H610PRO V2 Graphics Tablet

This product was recommended by Arbab Muneeb from DSRPT

This graphic tablet has become a popular accessory for teachers who are teaching online. With a large working area of 10 x 6.25 inches, this battery-free device has high sensitivity thus allowing the user to write more effectively. This device works with many free softwares such as Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard etc.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

This product was recommended by Arbab Muneeb from DSRPT

This webcam has been ranked as the best webcam in 2021 as it is specifically designed and optimized for professional-quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites like Twitch and YouTube. Apart from that, it is widely used in video conferencing as well as online sessions. It streams and records vibrant, true to life HD 1080P video at 30Fps/ 720P at 60FPS

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC external hard drive

This product was recommended by Arbab Muneeb from DSRPT

This is the perfect solution for the worst nightmare of a teacher i.e. losing data! This external hard drive provides the best storage capacity with hard casing thus making it safe. The water and dust resistance feature of this product saves the data in case of any mishap.

Bibliophile Notes: 20 Different Notecards

This product was recommended by Nancy Young from Onedesblog

Most teachers are book lovers, if not all of them! That’s why this Bibliophile note is a perfect gift for your favorite teacher. The set includes beautifully illustrated notecards and envelopes.

Personalized Shabby Chic Floral Girls Pillow Case

This product was recommended by Marc Barnos from Boat Priority

A customized pillowcase with your teacher’s name will likely make your teacher’s day. The printing is embedded in the fabric, which makes the colors vivid and long-lasting through wash after wash. They can put it on their chair to support their back during working hours.

Lava necklace gift

This product was recommended by Silvina Erwin from BySilvi

Lava rock rings make a great gift for her! It is simple but very practical. Handmade lava bead rings make great essential oil diffusers! These beautiful lava rings are naturally porous which allows them to soak up the essential oils or even her favorite perfume. The body heat will then diffuse the oils throughout the day! Is she tired? There is an oil for it! Is she down? There is an oil for it and this ring can be the perfect container for it.

Scented Aromatherapy Candles

This product was recommended by Sarah Logan from The Bunny Hub

Working from home is quite a lonely job for a teacher. They are used to move around and meet different students all day long. A scented candle is the best lockdown gift for them. It gives them an aroma that brings a calm and soothing effect. Best way to have a relaxation with the stressful online classes and tons of paperwork.

The Innocent Classroom by Alexs Pate

This product was recommended by Megan Benedict from The Innocent Classroom

When children of color enter their classrooms each year, many often encounter low expectations, disconnection, and other barriers to their success. In *The Innocent Classroom*, Alexs Pate traces the roots of these disparities to pervasive negative stereotypes, which children are made aware of before they even walk through the school door. The cumulative weight of these stereotypes eventually takes shape as guilt, which inhibits students’ engagement, learning, and relationships and hurts their prospects for the future.

Written by James Jackson


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