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24 Best Lockdown Gifts For Your Mom | Great Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts For Your Mom. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets

This product was recommended by Cyndi Bray from Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets

Introducing the new, game-changing laundry gadget that solves the most annoying laundry problem ever! Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets prevents sheets from tangling, twisting, and balling-up in both the washing machine and the dryer, so laundry comes out cleaner, the washer won’t go off-balance, and everything dries up to 75% faster with fewer wrinkles! Now Mom won’t have to delay bed times when the sheets aren’t dry (cheers to that!)

Goldleaf Cannabidiol Medical Patient Experience Journal

This product was recommended by Charles McElroy from Goldleaf

Goldleaf’s CBD Jotter is an excellent choice for mothers who have been experimenting with using CBD for their medical conditions, or for those who wish to give CBD a try. Developed with the assistance of doctors and medical professionals, the CBD Jotter will allow your mom to scientifically track her experiences with CBD, understand the effects of differing CBD products, and find her ideal dose.

Ambitious With A Purpose by Christian Moon

This product was recommended by Christian Moon from ChristianMoon

I would love for my product to be considered. My product is a Guided Journal titled “Ambitious with a Purpose”. It’s specifically for moms looking to create balance between Motherhood and making time for themselves as well. It’s filled with journaling prompts to help coach them into getting to the point of having balance while still having their own identity and continuing to be a great mom. Some of the topics covered are self-care, self-reflection and gratitude. This Journal will be a great resource for moms that are struggling to make time for themselves even more now due to the all the extra tasks moms are juggling due to the pandemic.

Open – Where it all starts by Jacqueline Pirtle

This product was recommended by Jacqueline Pirtle from FreakyHealer

Open is a life-changing 30 or 90 day – extended edition – journal and your daily tool to create a habit of opening up to opportunities––and freely feeling, living, and realizing them while vividly writing about what you want. Opening yourself up without any restrictions to all that life has in store for you changes everything, because you will tap into a limitless amount of power to create and manifest the life that you wish for––an existence that is truly worth living. Most importantly, it makes you BE and live in a state where joy is on everyday’s menu. In this 30 or 90 day un-blocking journal you’ll explore: – Daily inspirations, so you’ll start the morning being wide open – Profound shifting questions, to get you into an allowing energy – Simple habits, to keep your open-ness going – Your inner you, so you can stop questioning yourself – And much, much more! By journaling through this powerful 30 or 90 day Open workbook daily you’ll change your status to “I’m Open!” so life knows to bring the magic. Want to keep your mojo going? Simply grab the next journal in this series! If you like to be open to live your life fully, allow your dreams to come true, enjoy journaling, and want to squeeze the most out of your time, then you’ll love Jacqueline Pirtle’s uplifting teachings.

Detoxing Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

This product was recommended by Marie-Elizabeth Telfort from Moment Beauty

For the Multi-Task Mom: Our Energizing Coffee Scrub is the perfect gift for moms that have ten things to do at once. The coffee scrub is a perfect addition to the busy beauty’s shower routine, that’ll help give her a little kickstart to her day! In addition to this, the caffeine in the scrub helps increase blood circulation in the body, which revitalizes the skin and will leave your multi-tasking mom smooth & radiant!

Champagne Sunset Beauty Butter

This product was recommended by Marie-Elizabeth Telfort from Moment Beauty

For the Luxurious Mom: For the moms who can pass as our sisters and are proud of it, our Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub is the perfect gift for them! Each jar of our Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub is filled with layers of rich brown sugar, 3 hydrating oils and vitamin e, that leaves a luxurious luster. Combined with the rose gold tint from our Champagne Sunset Beauty Butter, your luxe beauty will be brilliantly beaming.

Starshine Beauty Butter

This product was recommended by Marie-Elizabeth Telfort from Moment Beauty

For the Active Mom: For those who have taken up yoga and bought workout gear, we’d would suggest our Starshine Beauty Butter. Made with pearl mica and bergamot essential oil, it will leave a soft glow and light scent that will still leave the minimal beauty happy and shining.

Golden Hour Beauty Butter

This product was recommended by Marie-Elizabeth Telfort from Moment Beauty

For the Social Media Mom: Has your mom perfected her angles or a Tik Tok challenge with you? Our Golden Hour Beauty Butter gold mica and rich whipped shea butter, anyone who wants that shine when she’s front and center is sure to love it!

Match Made Coffee

This product was recommended by Alex from Match Made Coffee

Match Made Coffee provides a subscription to a variety of craft coffees that are flavor-paired with gourmet cookies. It’s a unique experience that any coffee lover would supremely enjoy as a gift. Gift Mom a coffee cookie combo she won’t soon forget.

La Vie Est Belle By Lancome L’eau De Parfum Spray

This product was recommended by Tay Cunningham from Nasebury

Also women main objective is to look good and If it is a older mom that wants to look good and feel young and confident I have another product that is called “Prescription Youth”, it works both immediately and long-term to visibly erase the signs of aging in the most delicate and age revealing areas like our eyes, mouth and forehead.

Ameda Finesse Breast Pump

This product was recommended by Marie Burke from OFlynn Medical

Perhaps this is a bit a strange gift idea, but for the new Mom, a breast pump can be a game-changer. It’s efficient, easy to use and gives you even more time to spend with your new born. Breast-feeding can be an extremely stressful task for some new mothers, with a decent, high quality pump like this, it’s one less thing to worry about.

CLARRI HILL Scented Candle

This product was recommended by Avree Scarcello from CLARRI HILL

CLARRI HILL soy candles make a great gift for mom. Not only are they environmentally friendly by being soy, non-toxic and clean, but they are also made cruelty-free. Let Mom to treat herself to a beautiful candle and a relaxing night. At a 50 hour burn time, you can’t go wrong.

Portrait of Portia by Penelope Hunter – Paint by Number Kit

This product was recommended by Dee from Craft-Ease

We feel like Moms deserve a lot of things in the world, especially a time for herself. Where she can relax and do something nice for herself! And a paint by numbers kit is one of the best way to relax while creating something beautiful. Especially when a weekend gateway is not an option! Paint by numbers kit takes away all of the intimidating part of making art and leaves you with all the therapeutic bits.

Secret EGF Serum

This product was recommended by Rachel Renken from Secret Beauty Club

Our mission at Secret Beauty Club is to give you the best anti-aging and skin-improving treatments, so you can look and feel the best version of yourself inside and out, affordably, safely, and healthily. Our Secret EGF Serum will spoil mom and keep her feeling fresh and young no matter what stage of life she’s in. Regular use of our best-selling product encourages collagen production and accelerates the skin’s renewal process – meaning improved texture and elasticity of the skin, reduced pigmentation such as age spots, and a reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to the beautiful anti-aging properties, EGF stimulates the growth and proliferation of the cells involved in wound healing and inflammation, diminishing the appearance of acne scars and other scars. It’s an all-rounder for mom.

Little Pink Steamroller

This product was recommended by Steven Dubin from PR Works

How about a Little Pink Steamroller? This mini pipe is cute, functional, and super convenient to toss into a purse or pocket on the go. This is a classic steamroller style pipe, with the carb hole on the end. Each pipe is individually hand blown and may vary slightly, but they’re typically 3.25 long. Made from a very thick, solid glass pipe costs $18 MSRP.

Medium Wooden Storage Box w/ Latching Lid & Rolling Jig

This product was recommended by Steven Dubin from PR Works

Another gift option is the handy Medium Wooden Storage Box w/ Latching Lid & Rolling Jig, 6.75 x 4.75 x 2/75, helps mom store something more important than jewelry. This high quality pine storage box is super functional and great for all your storage needs. The box latches securely, keeping the contents safely inside. On the inside, there is a removable rolling jig, making it easy for you to roll your own. There are two compartments in the bottom of the box, one compartment is hidden by the rolling jig, while the other has an adjustable partition allowing you to customize your storage space for your needs. On the inside of the lid, there is also a slot to store rolling papers of any size.

Classic Red Ukrainian Borscht Kit

This product was recommended by Victoria Revenko from Cooking Borscht

Borscht Kit is a unique product that lets you prepare a traditional, Ukrainian borscht in under 30 minutes. Consisting of dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices only (nothing artificial) Borscht Kit is a great way to make healthy, delicious dinner or lunch. Every Borscht Kit is packaged into a beautiful multiple use container (zero waste!) adorned with flowers that you can keep using in your household. Every Borscht Kit works as a fridge magnet. It’s pretty, it looks cute in your kitchen and you can make a delicious homemade soup out of it any time. Just add broth and simmer.

Cocina 54 Sampler Pack Empanadas

This product was recommended by Cecilia Panichelli from COCINA 54

They are perfect for a quick meal for every busy mom. This is a Heritage-Inspired brand making Latin America’s Favorite Snack: Empanadas. They are Microwavable, made with 100% fresh vegetables and antibiotic-free proteins, and certified gluten-free.

The Original Jade Roller by ina beauty

This product was recommended by Sara Cemin from Realia Project

Lockdowns have been rough both physically and mentally. These times have hardly given your mother enough time to relax and calm down. Giving her a Jade Roller as a lockdown gift is the best way to remind her how important it is for her to take care of herself. Jade Rollers have been proved to reduce the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. On top of that, rolling it over your face is extremely calming and relaxing. Your mother will be happy to know her little one cares so much for her.

LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Rolling Floor Stand Cart Kiosk

This product was recommended by Erica from LevoStore

Sit, recline, or lie in bed and LEVO will securely hold your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle. Flip lever height locks and 5 axis articulating swing arm for quick positioning. Simply grab the platform then swing tilt and spin it into perfect view. No clearance needed under your furniture. Includes wheels so you can roll LEVO from room to room and reap its benefits day and night.

nuoshen Counted Cross Stitch Kits

This product was recommended by Vanessa Magdalenova from Independent Fashion Bloggers

When it comes to lockdown gifts, I’ve discovered that the best thing you can do is give the person something they can craft, whilst also having fun and enjoying themselves. During the long months of staying at home, I hardly believe there are people out there who didn’t get desperately bored at one point or another. My mother, for example, was no exception – she was always looking for things to do at home, even just to pass the time until the day comes, where we can all go out freely again. That’s why I chose this beautiful cross-stitching kit. It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, it’s super easy to do as the design is already stamped onto the cotton fabric, and it’s an ideal way to create something beautiful to add to your home. The colors are lovely and bright, and all the thread you will need is already included in the kit, so you really don’t need anything else – you even get the needle too! After you’re finished with your cross stitching project, you can also frame it and put it on a wall somewhere in your house. It will serve as a nice little reminder of the quarantine days and will definitely brighten up any room you hang it in. So, if you want to gift something fun and creative to your mom, that will help her take the stress away – look no further! An extra bonus for this kit is that it comes with an affordable price tag too, so it’s a win-win all over.

Exotic Vegetable Seeds Variety Pack

This product was recommended by Heloise Blause from Home Kitchen Land

With lockdown restrictions, we had to find activities to keep our minds busy. And if you have a garden, then it’s a chance to reconnect with nature funnily. Imagine having yellow strawberries or blue pumpkins growing in your backward? Well, you can, thanks to colorful seeds. Whether it’s carrots, corn, cauliflower, or even broccoli, they can all be purple, blue, or amethyst. Of course, they’re edible.

Homasy Bath Bombs

This product was recommended by Heloise Blause from Home Kitchen Land

You planned to offer a lovely relaxation session to your mom but the pandemic stopped you? Not a problem, bring it home! You can find many brands online that offer original and colorful bath bombs. Plus, they smell amazing and make your skin soft.

Eddie Bauer Women’s 2 Piece Jogger Pajama Set

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

This ultra-comfortable jogger sleepwear set includes a long sleeve sweatshirt and long tapered pants, ideal for snuggly nights. The long sleeve shirt features a round neck and a stylish, small tuck of the fabric on the front side. The bottoms are narrow fitted with a snug around the ankles to prevent the pants from riding up during your sleep! This women’s lounge set comes in four stylish colors to choose from Light Heather Grey, Plum Heather, Atlantic Heather, and Black. These modern, discreet colors make this set a great choice even for outdoor looks when running errands! Designed to fit women of any shape or size, every lady will feel good and look her best in her jogger set by Eddie Bauer. Durable Materials: The perfect combination of polyester, spandex, and rayon

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