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20 Best Luxury Gifts Under 100 – Luxury Gifts Under 100

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘best luxury gifts under 100’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Board Game

This product was recommended by Conner Taylor from Sommify

Sommify is a blind wine tasting board game for everyone. Players take turns guessing mystery wines in an atmosphere reminiscent of a party game, all while accidentally learning how to blind taste like a Sommelier.

Face Covering – Rose Leopard

This product was recommended by Fred Blair from Awesome Hoops

Nothing feels more luxurious on your skin as silk fabric. Slip has been in the business of creating silk pillowcases since 2004. They use long fiber mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness to ensure the best quality. They have recently come out with silk face coverings which have double layers of silk and lined inside with cotton. The masks have adjustable nose wires and elastic ear loops for a great fit. They also come with spare nose wires and a pouch that you can use to keep the mask in when you take it off for a meal. This is a great product that is not only luxurious but also very useful in our current situation.

Pu Leather & Canvas Electronics Organizer Case

This product was recommended by Jonas Chew from Artostravel

This product is our Artos The Savvy Keep, a portable electric organizer. Its organized pockets and compartment make accessibility to your belonging much more convenient and efficient, without having to sift through to find your items. The compact size ensures that you are able to fit in any type of bag. This has been featured as well on Cosmopolitan’s “65 Cool Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Boyfriend” Guide. Why The Savvy Keep Its multiple compartments ensure that your cables do not get entangled when removing it from your bag. The Interior prevents damages, scratches, dust, water, accidental dropping, and misplacement. Also includes adjustable dividers that allow for free collocation, making it more personalized to your needs. COMES WITH BONUS ADD-ON GIFT: 3 leather cable ties! It can be used for different kinds of occasions. Fits charging cables, adapters, mouse, and earpiece if you are traveling for work. Fits GoPro, portable chargers, sunglasses, or cosmetics if you are traveling for a holiday.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm

This product was recommended by Heather Bidwell from Love & Lavender Weddings

This face mask is infused with pure 24K Gold – it doesn’t get any more luxurious than that!

Peter Thomas Roth Made to Mask Kit

This product was recommended by Heather Bidwell from Love & Lavender Weddings

A fantastic way to sample some otherwise very expensive masks from Peter Thomas Roth. And you get a surprising amount of product!

Elago 3-in-1 Charging Hub

This product was recommended by Omair Khan from Gigworker

In this day and age, we have a lot of devices that we carry with us daily. Smartwatches, Smartphones, and even wireless headphones. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a main hub to charge all of these devices instead of having to navigate through a multitude of different cables? Well, this is where the chagrin hub comes in. With 3 pros to charge all main devices, it cannot be passed up as a great holiday gift. Just, make sure that the loved one you’re giving it too has apple products since these do not work with android.

Amazon Echo Dot

This product was recommended by Omair Khan from Gigworker

The Amazon Echo is a nifty little device that can allow the owner to use it as a kind of a virtual assistant that will be able to search items online and tell you the weather etc. It’s a great luxury item that would undoubtedly make a fantastic gift.

Blackstone Portable Table Top

This product was recommended by Mark Jenner from FoodFireFriends

First, this grill is portable and quite easy to use. It also has a sufficient amount of space to cook different types of foods at once. Clean up is also hassle-free, as all you have to fo is wipe down the surface, and it’s ready for use. The grill tabletop also has a fast and even heating, enabling the even heat distribution and quick cooking for all meals.

Giudi Luxury Genuine Leather Wallet

This product was recommended by Jill Sandy from Constant Delights

Slim, well-designed and easy to carry, the wallet fits perfectly within your pocket. This made-in-Italy leather wallet is the perfect luxury gift item.

Seagate One Touch SSD

This product was recommended by Adam Cullers from FleishmanHillard

The most important memories made in life deserve the most secure storage possible, but one would almost rather a lump of coal than have to navigate this on their own. Thankfully, you can enjoy Christmas carols and gingerbread while the Seagate One Touch SSD does all the work. Small as a credit card and designed with extra style, the One Touch SSD is a champ for editing, organizing, and directly streaming photos and videos.

Bath Bombs Luxury Gift Set

This product was recommended by Lisa Arlington from Giftsnerd LLC

After a tiring day at work or even at home, it’s important to have some me time. There isn’t any better way to do that than to get into a nice bathtub, filled with lukewarm water. Dropping in one of these bath bombs will only make it seem more luxurious and relaxing.

Amerigo Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This product was recommended by Lisa Arlington from Giftsnerd LLC

If you like to celebrate every moment of success that you undergo, then this whiskey stones gift set is perfect for you. It’s luxurious, and it’s classy. You’ll have a set of your own, and no longer need to go outside every time to celebrate. It’s perfect for every occasion.

G-Shock Men’s GBD800UC-5

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Best Marketing Seo

The G-Shock men’s watch is an imported piece which can be a stunning present for anybody. It costs $97 and is one of latest editions to the collection at the store. Also, it can be connected to a phone app enhancing its features and giving you access to a heap of health and fitness functions.

14K Yellow Gold High Polished Dolphins Hoop Earrings

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Best Marketing Seo

This Dolphins Hoop Earrings’ pair is a beautiful gift for women that come with hinged clasps. It is made up of 14k solid with, neatly carved and shaped by the finest craftsmen. It can be paired up with a bunch of outfits making one look extraordinarily ravishing and elegant.

Giusto Sapore Premium Infused Olive Oil Gift Sets

This product was recommended by Sylvia Kindlain from Giusto Sapore

A must-have for every foodie and household! Transform everyday dishes with Giusto Sapore’s assortment of gourmet Infused Olive Oils which are flawlessly created by using only hand-picked olives from the Puglia region of beloved Italy and infused with all-natural flavors. These best-selling infused olive oils feature an ultimate blend of rich flavor, intense aroma, and superior quality that every foodie will love!

NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from Your Cub

I’m a Coffee Lover, and I always expect my coffee to have the right temperature at all times. This is what the Ember temperature control mug proves. It is designed to help maintain the temperature of your coffee, as you like it. For busy people, it is an excellent equipment that can help minimize your frequency in using the microwave.

Manukora MGO 50+ Multifloral Raw Mānuka Honey

This product was recommended by Stacy Caprio from Miel Manuka

The best luxury gift under $100 is a high GMO manuka honey, because it is a gift everyone loves the taste of and can be used to sweeten any drink or meal healthily. Manuka honey has many healing properties and tastes great, so almost everyone will appreciate this luxury honey as a gift they can use and keep in their kitchen.

The Girl in the Green Scarf

This product was recommended by Cynthia Marrero from Tom’s Sons International Pleating

The Girl in the Green Scarf by Tom’s Sons International Pleating was created as a replica of the pleated scarf seen in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. This 100% made to order mask is produced by a 5th generation, family owned business based in New York City’s Garment District. Coming in both polyester ($95) and silk ($120- same cost as in the film!), this beautiful scarf can also be made in custom colors at no extra cost, making it the perfect gift to fit any aesthetic. And if you’re more interested in sets, you can order a matching mask.

Nunbelievable Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This product was recommended by Kuda Biza from Nunbelievable

I think that our Nunbelievable cookies will be a great addition to your Holiday Gift Guide! Our cookies are packed individually, 3-ounces each, and GMO-free, perfect to keep in the office when you’re craving something sweet. Not only are they delicious, but they also make a difference! Since we launched in October last year, we have been able to donate over 100,000 meals to partner soup kitchens across the country.

Barebells High Protein and Low Carb Bar

This product was recommended by Jamie Yale from Mary’s Gone Crackers

Barebells Functional Foods™ was launched in Sweden in 2016 to offer products high-in-protein that never compromise on flavor. Since the launch, the functional food brand has revolutionized the industry with its bestselling protein bars delivering 20g protein and no added sugar – a real treat for everyone who wants to feed their cravings.

Written by James Jackson


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