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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Office Gift Ideas For Him. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Leo Young from OptimizedFamily

Everyone needs a caffeine fix in the course of a long day in the office. And all too often there isn’t a decent REAL coffee to be had unless you go out and get a take out So for lovers of REAL coffee, bring your own coffee machine and enjoy a rejuvenating espresso whenever you feel like it – without having to leave your desk! Small enough to fit in your briefcase.

Whiskey Glass Set

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarolinaAutoGuard

The glasses in this set are weighted well for drinking whiskey. The granite stones will keep drinks cool without diluting them, and the metal tongs make distributing the stones easy and sanitary. It’s perfect for special occasions as well as an everyday look. The entire set comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box perfect for gifting and storing.

Casper Sleep Casper Nap Pillow

This product was recommended by Weronika Cekala from MyPerfectResume

There’s no office without a sleepyhead. It has been scientifically proven that daily power naps can increase one’s productivity and creative thinking.. An office sleeper can fall asleep anywhere and in any position, but most often at a desk. Under that reasoning, a nap pillow sounds like a great gift to keep them comfy and productive.

STOJO Collapsible Bottle

This product was recommended by Weronika Cekala from MyPerfectResume

We care about the health and well-being of our colleagues. After all, they build the atmosphere in which we spend about 40 hours a week. And what’s the better gift to give your dear coworkers than a daily dose of hydration to keep them pleased and healthy? A collapsible water bottle has been my evergreen since the day I got it. It fits literally everywhere, so you can be sure your colleague will stay hydrated at all times.

Serene House Ranger Grey Ultrasonic USB Diffuser

This product was recommended by Weronika Cekala from MyPerfectResume

Let’s face it – cubicles can be dry as a desert, and the office ambiance can be high-strung at times. It’s no wonder some people are less capable of dealing with stress and need a moment to wind down and rest during the day. And what better way to gift those who are always under some sort of pressure an ultrasonic diffuser they can simply plug in via USB to their computer to keep them comfortable?

Stasher Platinum Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

This product was recommended by Weronika Cekala from MyPerfectResume

We all have that coworker that has to snack on something every now and then. Or that gym-freak that brings their own lunch to the office. Stasher’s reusable storage bag would make a perfect gift for those who appreciate having homemade food or a healthy snack with them.

Storm Glass Bottle

This product was recommended by Nikola Webster from Brit on the Move

I’ve previously purchased Storm Glass Weather Forecasters for men in my office. These are a hit and here’s why: 1. Really unusual 2. Look great on the desk 3. Conversation starter, everyone wants to know what is it 4. It’s fascinating to see the forcaser adjust with the weather 5. Affordable

Royal Pet Photos Crowned King

This product was recommended by Linn Larsson from Iconic Paw

This regal style really captures the pup’s personality and works as a stellar piece to show to guests. Preserving our pets is essential, and a great way to do that is with art! I would love to send you a portrait of your choice to show you just how amazing our portraits are!

I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email Ceramic Coffee Mug

This product was recommended by Shelly Peel from SocialMum

We hear this a lot, and it makes me smile at how annoyed my co-worker is and just trying to mask it. Giving such a gift serves two purposes: for his coffee and a piece of humor to make him smile.

COSORI Electric Mug Set

This product was recommended by John Peterson from Safe Drive Gear

This would be a great gift to anyone working in an office. Most of us love having a cup of hot coffee, tea, or chocolate any time of the day. Sometimes, when we get too busy on a task, we forget about our drink, so it gets cold. Having a handy electric mug set will instantly reheat it.

16oz KeepCup Brew Cork

This product was recommended by Sarah Logan from The Bunny Hub

Working men love coffee. A customizable 16oz KeepCup Brew Cork should be on your list to gift. It is an epic coffee mug that gives the capacity to keep coffee or other warm refreshments at the culmination temperature anyplace and any time. It is only $34.28 to $39.41.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

This product was recommended by Barry Schwartz from Schwartz Public Relations Associates

It attracted my attention when I saw it on the TODAY SHOW in a segment about the “11 Best Sellers of 2020.” I then researched it to see that it’s been compared to RUBIK’S CUBE as an addictive (in a positive way) brain teaser and is #1 in that category at AMAZON, WALMART, BARNES & NOBLE, I then bought in on Amazon and, from that time on, every time I feel lockdown stress, I go to SHASHIBO and it’s definitely keeping me sane.

Marble Desk Phone Holder

This product was recommended by Marc Barnos from Boat Priority

The best gift idea for men is a personalized marble desk phone holder. It is handcrafted in solid jet black marble and has a charging cable slides in a pass-through hole. It’s solid and profound sufficient to safely prop up electronic gadgets while working.

Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen Scriveiner

This product was recommended by Kasey Monohan from ThreadCurve

The Screveiner office pen is a great office gift for any man in your life, coworker or boss. It is an elegantly wrapped luxury pen that makes writing fun and easy to do while looking good. It’s only $28.99, making it an affordable gift, and is backed by a 100% refund guarantee, making it a risk-free gift you know your recipient will love and enjoy.

Baoyun Mens Valet Tray Organizer

This product was recommended by Tomas Satas from Windy City HomeBuyer

This gift is ideal for businessmen because it has different compartments to put your watch, jewelry, and cellphone. It comes with a wireless charger so you can quickly charge your phone within your reach. It is made up of faux leather and is easy to clean, so it will still look professional when placed on top of your office desk.

Written by James Jackson


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