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14 Best Lockdown Gifts Ideas For Him

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This article showcases our top picks for the Lockdown Gifts For Him. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

JIGGY – Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

This product was recommended by Michail Korovin from Pearls of Caviar

What’s the perfect lockdown gift for your man? We know they’re not easy to buy for, but we’ve got a great idea: jigsaw puzzles! JIGGY – Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults has high-quality jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw Puzzles are the perfect lockdown gift for him. The puzzles are easy to assemble, come in a variety of themes, and are great for adults who want a little less stress when solving puzzles! You can feel confident giving this gift knowing it will be appreciated by anyone who loves these kinds of puzzles. Happy shopping!

VEELU Custom Pajamas

This product was recommended by Alex Shute from FaithGiant

I think the ultimate lockdown gift that could be given to a father would be pajamas with their own face on them. The pajamas could be customized to have the dad’s face printed all over them. If the dad’s face on the pajamas isn’t vain enough, possibly the dad would like pajamas with his favorite car or hobby printed all over. Every father will surely love this gift and will be sending a clear message to his family about his priorities and what he cares about.

Calmr’s Organic CBD Oil

This product was recommended by Edralin Sanchez from Calmr

A simple introduction to the world of CBD, Calmr’s organic CBD oil gives you a relaxing, refreshing experience. You can take it by mouth or add to your favorite smoothie. The CBD oil has no THC, tested by third-party laboratories, and uses only broad spectrum hemp oil for best results.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This product was recommended by Arpit Gupta from Sprout And Press

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee can drastically improve a person’s mood as caffeine is a stimulant. Using the Ember Temperature Control Mug, one can enjoy a cup of coffee for a longer time without having to reheat the coffee. The mug removes the problem of dilution of the coffee taste that occurs when a microwave is used to reheat a coffee. Ember’s Temperature control mug allows the user to enjoy coffee at the perfect drinking temperature for an hour. The complimentary phone app allows the user to regulate the temperature from 120°F to 145°F. The app sends a notification alert when it reaches the ideal temperature. The mug’s sensor automatically shuts down when it detects inactivity for 2 hours helping preserve battery life. This once in a lifetime investment can allow users to enjoy perfect coffee daily for days to come.

OK Boomer 5 Generation Game

This product was recommended by Sydney Bennett from Chic Execs

Do you have a dad that loves family game nights? Look no further than OK Boomer! Designed with generational-based trivia questions, this game has something for every member of the family from the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers to Gen Z — OK Boomer is the game that will help your family determine the greatest generation! It is truly a blast to play!

Rapid Rope Canisters

This product was recommended by Sydney Bennett from Chic Execs

For the outdoorsman, Rapid Rope is the gift dads will actually use and enjoy. As shown on ABC’s Shark Tank, it’s perfect for all walks of life – outdoors, boaters, hikers, hunters, fisherman, gear heads, mechanics, and more. This extreme utility rope is super simple to use and a must-have safety device to keep in the car at all times to get unstuck while off-roading or other muddy conditions.

30 Watt Plant Face

This product was recommended by Sydney Bennett from Chic Execs

Got a dad that is constantly losing his glasses? Gift dad this desktop planter and he will alway know where he stashed his frames. You can also tailoring it to your personal look. Outfit it with matching rims, draw on your signature bushy brows, or improvise the handlebar mustache of your dreams.

Nakie Recycled Hammock

This product was recommended by Sydney Bennett from Chic Execs

Ultimate essential for his next outdoor adventure! Featuring triple stitching & uniquely designed polyester end straps for increased strength and durability. Nakie is doing their part for the environment too! Each hammock is made of 37 plastic bottles. With each purchase of a Nakie Recycled Hammock the brand will plant 4 trees in their reserve in Madagascar which employs local villagers.

TrophyCatch Supply Fishing Tackle Bag

This product was recommended by Kolton M. Mente from TrophyCatch Supply

Every guy that fishes (weekender & competitor alike) needs something to hold all of his tackle necessities. With the TrophyCatch Supply bag, it provides a compact, water-resistant, and stylish solution to storing rod, tools, electronics, etc. This bag outranks all competitors I’ve used in the past by durability alone, not to mention the sleek two-tone color that is extremely eye-catching.

TrophyCatch Supply After Hours Long Sleeve

This product was recommended by Kolton M. Mente from TrophyCatch Supply

Fisherman or not, this shirt is perfect for keeping warm on those breezy summer nights. With 25% of profits donated directly to fish and water habitat conservation across the US, buyers are happy to know their purchase made a direct difference in the outdoor conservation strides being made in the US. Made with premium Pima Cotton, artwork that is PVC and phthalate-free, and printed tags for additional comfort, this is your new favorite shirt.

San Diablo DIY Churro Maker

This product was recommended by Scott from San Diablo Churros

At San Diablo, it’s a churro fiesta and everyone’s invited! Take your dessert experience to a whole new level and send this kit anywhere in the USA! [Cue the cowbell!] Making all of your churro dreams come true with the perfect gift — an unforgettable cooking activity for DIY fanatics, families, foodies, and you (because #selfcare). Check out our kit with our award winning churro dough, churro fillings, and cinnamon sugars!

Chess Board Game

This product was recommended by Yitty Glauber from Modern Loft

A luxurious statement. This chess and checkers board game has a bicolor game board with an interior storage tray that houses the set’s pearled checkers and black and brass-finished chess pieces. The class of a noble material such as walnut wood perfectly matches with the timeless beauty of genuine leather. Handmade In Italy. Customizable in a large spectrum of leather colors.

BEAUTOLOGY LAB 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks

This product was recommended by Karina Moises from Beautologist

BEAUTOLOGY LAB, is a clean-clinical lab biohacking skin with your health and environment in mind. Our 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks make a great fit for your audience and are: – the cleanest, on-the-go, self care eye masks – have an incredible accessible price point (12 individually wrapped masks per box, $28 website retail) – an essential, non-toxic, product or gift for men and women of all skin types and ages – vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and recyclable – every product purchase donates 1 tree to be planted

The Freedom Project by Wilko van de Kamp

This product was recommended by Wilko van de Kamp from Wilko

Even while we still can’t travel all that far right now, we will travel again… however traveling more 6-12 months from now starts today. This book will help start making some plans to enjoy better travel experiences once the world opens up again. Don’t let anyone tell you that travel hacking is only for frequent flyers or big spenders. What matters is having a system and following it consistently. Start with a copy of this travel book, The Freedom Project Travel.

Written by James Jackson


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